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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

This is What Desperation Looks Like

LA Times attacking Ann Romney for her horse hobby. She's not running for office.
The Washington Post attacking Mormons for something that happened over 155 years ago. The LDS Church isn't running for office.
Obama's campaign attacking Bain Capital for closing a failing steel plant at a time Romney wasn't at Bain. Bain Capital isn't running for office.
Politico attacking private donors to the Romney campaign. The donors aren't running for office.

The refusal of the national press to cover Obama's past. He is in office.

Let's not forget past attacks on Ann Romney's decision to stay home with her children, Romney's 'bullying' as a teenager - of which there is equal proof of Obama's bullying in childhood, of various aspects or history of the LDS Church, Mitt Romney's grandfather (NOT a polygamist, but Obama's was), Mitt Romney 'flip-flopped' but Obama 'evolves,' ...

All of these instances point to liberal bullying, to me. Liberals are strangely intolerant of anyone who doesn't agree with them even though they preach tolerance for themselves.

This is getting old already. It is entertaining, in its way. But it's only May! Come November what will the liberal media being throwing at us on Obama's behalf? If they're this desperate now, by November they'll have either used up all the 'digs,' or they'll make up new ones.

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