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Monday, May 7, 2012

Romney's VP

Naturally, this is no direct concern of mine. When and who he chooses for VP is his own affair, but I'd like to spew my thoughts anyway. First, the strategy that makes most sense to me is for Romney to choose a VP like himself. Someone he would feel comfortable turning over the presidency should the need require. This means this person needs to agree with Romney in most areas. Unlike McCain/Palin. Yes, Palin is rogue like McCain but in a totally different way! Also unlike Obama/Biden. Romney, from his long career in business, knows that he needs to be able to share a vision with the people working with him, for the business to be successful. I think the same principle applies here.

The people I see the most chatter about are not really like Romney, so I don't know that they are likely choices. For example, Rubio has past ethics problems, which may be minor but are still there, and he also supports the DREAM act. Romney is a good listener, he listens to many points of view, but this doesn't mean he would agree with supporting the DREAM act himself. In fact I rather doubt it.

Palin stands for the same things in government as Romney, but she may well be too outspoken for Romney's liking. He likes to keep his opinions to himself and then go do whatever he deems appropriate, like cutting budgets and sticking up for religious liberty without the rhetoric. He seems to avoid unnecessary divisiveness.

Chris Christie may be a good possibility. But again, he's fairly outspoken. We'll see. Bob McDonnell may be another good possibility, though I don't know much about him or his governing style so I really couldn't say. Same with whoever that other guy is they're talking about. Nikki Haley may be a good option, but I don't know much about her so I couldn't say anything constructive about her either.

Romney would be looking for someone serious about budget cutting and balance budgeting, like he is. Cue Paul Ryan. He would be looking for someone who knows how to get along with all sorts of people, to make things happen, like he does. Cue Paul Ryan again. He would be looking for someone who can withstand a serious vetting by the press. No problem there for Paul Ryan unless you count the Ann Rand thing as a problem, which I don't. Paul Ryan has the added plus of being acceptable with the Establishment, though I'm sure I don't know how he managed that given their penchant for not cutting spending. Maybe it's because he's gotten himself noticed by the press. That admire that sort of thing in the Establishment.

I'm willing to hazard a guess that Romney will NOT be choosing someone by dubious virtue of his or her ties with the Establishment. He hasn't worked like that in the past and he has no reason to do so now. Given that he's only talked once and briefly with Boehner, I get the impression that Romney is looking for someone NOT like Boehner or Mitch McConnell. Thank goodness. I believe, in all honesty, that Romney is going to govern far more conservatively than the Establishment feels comfortable with, a la Reagan. He has already indicated his desire to put America back on track, and being as he has extensive business experience doing just that by making the necessary cuts and adjustment, I have every faith that he could do the same for our federal government. Which sorely needs a trim, whether the Democrats or Establishment GOP like it or not. In fact, I'm guessing that any hope the Establishment had in Romney leaving them alone will be frustrated. Ironic, when some of them preferred him over other candidates!

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  1. Actually, the VP pick should be a concern for all of us. The incumbent is slicing and dicing the electorate with the hopes of cobbling a winning scenario. Possible? Yes.

    However, for Romney there are only two groups he should engage, (a) working mothers, and (b) Latinos. All other genre are solidly democrat and not worth the time.

    Especially in view of popular vote versus the electoral college, Romney must win New Mexico, Colorado, and Arizona. States with critical electoral sway and yet heavy Latino populations. Working mothers are needed for strong coattails to pick-up the Senate; Romney will not be as effective with only 2/3 of government control.

    The strategy is simple. Romney needs to promise the moms a future for their children these moms work so hard to raise into contributing, successful adults. Romney needs to promise Latinos the benefits they came to America for that does not exist in Mexico, jobs and family security.

    I do hope you swing behind a VP choice that carries Romney to victory notwithstanding the old arguments that VP pick doesn't matter. Most certainly, Romney does not need someone open to attacks like Palin.