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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Rights under attack

Oh, my! I just read Taking a scythe to the Bill of Rights up at the Washington Post (of all places) and am more than a little alarmed. A liberal Congressman, Jim McGovern, has put forward a bill that increases government's power by restricting the rights of everyone else including free speech, in the form of anti-corporation laws.
McGovern stresses that his amendment decrees that “all corporate entities — for-profit and nonprofit alike” — have no constitutional rights. So Congress — and state legislatures and local governments — could regulate to the point of proscription political speech, or any other speech, by the Sierra Club, the National Rifle Association, NARAL Pro-Choice America or any of the other tens of thousands of nonprofit corporate advocacy groups, including political parties and campaign committees.
Newspapers, magazines, broadcasting entities, online journalism operations — and most religious institutions — are corporate entities. McGovern’s amendment would strip them of all constitutional rights. By doing so, the amendment would empower the government to do much more than proscribe speech. Ilya Somin of George Mason University Law School, writing for the Volokh Conspiracy blog, notes that government, unleashed by McGovern’s amendment, could regulate religious practices at most houses of worship, conduct whatever searches it wants, reasonable or not, of corporate entities, and seize corporate-owned property for whatever it deems public uses — without paying compensation. Yes, McGovern’s scythe would mow down the Fourth and Fifth Amendments, as well as the First.
Yikes! This ought to be a clear sign (to any left in doubt) that government has grown too big for its britches and must be cut back. We need as much as we've ever needed anything to elect representatives that uphold the Constitution. We're turning into a liberal-run dictatorship instead of a democracy with a party system! A parting warning from the editorial's author, George Will:
As the editors of National Review note, liberals control unions and most of academia and the media. Yet such is their evident lack of confidence in their powers of persuasion they are desperate to control the speech of others.
By proposing his amendment, McGovern helpfully illuminates the lengths to which some liberals want to go. So when next you hear histrionic warnings about tea party or other conservative “extremism,” try to think of anything on the right comparable to McGovern’s proposed vandalism of the Bill of Rights.

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  1. wow, that is scary. liberals do control the unions and much of academia and the media. Hopefully with the internet we can make some headway.