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Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I just saw the funniest thing. Or, it would be funny if it weren't real. A group of illegal aliens is suing the Senate because of the filibuster blocking legislation, specifically the DREAM Act, from passing. How illegal aliens have a right to sue a government that isn't theirs is beyond me. It's at the expense of all (legal) taxpayers, since the Senate would be defended by federal lawyers. Oh, the irony of not only having US citizens demand to have more of their money spent for them contributing to our out-of-control federal deficit of beyond $15T, but illegal aliens too! Not that we taxpayers don't already cover a large quantity of their expenses such as public schools and public health care and public transportation and you get the point.

This is backwards and doesn't make any sense whatsoever. Did you know it is a crime to be an illegal alien in Mexico and anyone caught faces jail time? I think even the death penalty is part of it if an illegal alien commits a violent crime. I'm sure with a law like this that no illegal alien would be allowed to sue the Mexican government at Mexican taxpayers' expense. Nor would illegal aliens be granted public services. Smart Mexican government.

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