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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Recall the recall?

I've talked before about the recall election in Wisconsin, and how Walker's and deputy Kleefisch's reforms have saved the state over $1B thus far by introducing things like voluntary union participation, union members contributing small amounts towards pensions and insurance like the private sector does, and the break from union-chosen monopolies in health insurance and other services. Competition in these markets has driven prices down dramatically and saved the state. Still, unions appear not to want to be part of the solution to their state's fiscal problems and have cost the taxpayers in Wisconsin millions in the recall effort with assorted legal fees and the cost of running extra elections.

What do the majority of people in Wisconsin think about this? They think it's a waste of money. They think that elected officials should be able to serve out their terms. Tea Party activists from around the country are not in Wisconsin canvassing neighborhoods and find all sorts of support in their effort to ban recall elections. Recalls are a waste of money and time that could be spent doing other things!

Think, as an example only, if President Obama were subject to recall. He is less popular than Governor Walker, and his signature efforts are less popular than Governor Walker's. He is less successful in turning around the economy and defict than Governor Walker too - he hasn't even tried to reign in the spending and deficit. Ridiculous, you think? Then so is recall anywhere else. Impeachment has a time and a place, to be sure, but recall? Only in the minds of liberals disconnected from what voters want: fiscal responsibility!

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