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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Obama's announcement

According to the news media, the jury is still out on whether broaching this topic will hurt Obama or help him, but they love to tout how Obama is raising Hollywood money off of it and one in six of his big bundlers are gay also. According to the polls, it hurts Obama. Romney's crossed into 50% territory since then, leaving Obama in the low 40% area. Even supposed swing state North Carolina has Romney up 8 over Obama, and this in the state hosting the Democratic National Convention!

Obama's announcement didn't change a darn thing. He leaves the issue with the states. He doesn't sign any executive order or do anything at all but talk. The only thing that has changed is the attitude of the LGTB community, that for the first time we have a president 'on their side.' With the LGTB community comprising an estimated 5% at most of our country, it is no surprise that only 7% of the country thinking that this issue is the top issue we face. Congratulattions, Obama. You've secured an estimated 7% of the vote that you already had in the bag.

On Romney's end, his statement opposing gay marriage or civil unions which are equal to marriage has brought him an unprecedented level of support from the Christian right. I don't know why they're surprised by his position, since he's had it all along. But whatever, his numbers of secured voters is climbing, including in the South which is largely Christian. Something that many of the LGTB community and their friends fail to understand is that these Christians, including Mormons, believe that the definition of marriage was given by God. It cannot be subject to change. This doesn't mean that Christians believe in discrimination in the workplace, etc. but it does mean that no amount of time is going to change their converted-to-Christ minds to an acceptance of gay marriage.

By the way, Romney's position on homosexuality is entirely consistent with the position of the LDS Church.

Breitbart has up a nice editorial going over Romney's record with homosexuals. Leading paragraph:
If Mitt Romney hates homosexuals as much the Washington Post contends, why has he gone out of his way to treat them humanely and with respect all throughout his professional career?
Good question. Maybe the Washington Post is wrong? (They are.) As Romney said, homosexuality was the last thing on anyone's mind in the '60's. His record on homosexuality? Tolerance.
While Romney’s gay adversaries are more than willing to paint him as a bigot for endorsing traditional marriage, it’s worth pointing out that homosexual marriage wasn’t even on the table in 1994 when Romney met with the Log Cabin Republicans. It’s the radical gay left’s and Barack Obama’s position that has evolved, not Romney’s position: tolerance, not marriage.

Romney was particularly inclusive during the 2002 Winter Olympics. “On one occasion,” Romney wrote in his memoir Turnaround, our [Salt Lake Olympic Committee] board of directors was meeting in a building that I had learned was next door to the headquarters for the Salt Lake City chapter of the Gay and Lesbian Alliance. After the meeting, I walked into the GLA office and asked if they would consider helping recruit volunteers for the Games. They jumped at the opportunity.”
You could read more of Romney's record on the subject if you're interested by using the link.

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