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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Momastery Love Flash Mob

You may or may not have heard of momastery. It is a blog written by Glennon, who talks of faith and love and family and helping other people -and she has gone viral! Today she's organized an online fundraiser to help two families dealing with terrible chronic illnesses. She's done this before, and in the space of a few hours she reached the targeted goal of $25,000 with a $25 donation limit from all participants! Some contributed a mere $5 or $10. Now is your chance to be part of the action.

Do you know what I love best about this effort? Government is not part of the solution. It is not even invited! Instead of waiting for government aid (slow, inadequate, costing the taxpayer more than its value in aid), we ordinary folk can rise to the occasion and meet needs directly, with love and kindness - the kind of needs that government could never fill. We feel good about getting involved. It is a beautiful thing, an ennobling and empowering thing. It reminds me of all the good that LDS Charities and Catholic Charities and Islamic Charities and others do the world over, separately and more effectively than any government organization ever could, because the motivation to do good and our love for others is written in our hearts, and we choose our own opportunities to get involved. This is where and why liberalism with all its entitlements fails: it removes the heart and choice.

Here is a great story of three separate kids with the vision to help others.

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