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Friday, May 25, 2012

I See a Need

Breitbart is doing a terrific job with The Vetting. Referring, of course, to the vetting of our current president which never happened in 2008. And still doesn't happen. News media would rather dig up dirt on Ann Romney's horse than find out what Obama did or said at any time in his past. Go Breitbart!

I've been visiting many conservative news sites and editorial sites for quite a few months. Typically, these sites respond to factual inaccuracies printed in the news media. Never in any of these places do I see positive reporting of Mitt Romney except Deseret News, based in Utah. I see reviews and editorials about what the liberal press publishes about Mitt Romney. Some of these are positive, most are not. Republicans can never trust the press to report on an event accurately and are fools if they trust that what liberals say about Romney is any more true than what they say about the economy. Liberal reporters pick out a few 'controversial' statements of Romney's, gaffes, or things that don't match up with the liberal world view and report those. The result is that most of the information we have readily available about Mitt Romney in this country is limited to his own campaign site and news media.

I see a big problem here. There are many conservatives who still think that Romney is what the liberal press says he is. He is not. This is a problem because if the Republican base isn't excited to vote for Romney, they might stay home. Largely, it seems that the Republican base is fired up to vote against Obama, so this may not be a huge problem, but it will still affect the outcome of this election.

From what little I've seen of Romney on television or the few pro-Romney reports I've seen, I'd say that the liberal press is grossly inadequate in painting Romney's character, for example. The labels they assign him are likewise inaccurate. Hence conservatives are surprised that Romney is now making rapid-fire responses to Obama's negative ads about him, making his own positive ads, and continually directing people to think about why Obama isn't talking about his own record. I am not surprised by this. It matches what I know about him, which I only know from following sites like Deseret News and the very few pro-Romney articles I've seen published in leftist papers online.

I suggest that we conservatives cover Romney in addition to blowing liberal myths out of the water. Both are important.

Not that I'm a reporter or have the means to follow his campaign around the country. But you get the idea, I hope! It's not like Politico and similar leftist sites aren't covering both pro-Obama and anti-Romney news. Conservative sites would be wise to including pro-Romney reports alongside their anti-Obama editorials and reports.

*The WSJ must have read my mind. See Mitt Romney's Moment.

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