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Saturday, May 26, 2012

GOP: Civil Rights Follow-up

Monday this week I highlighted Kevin Williamson's article about the GOP being the party of civil rights. Well, his article has stirred up so much response in the liberal news world, that he's written another one. It is awesome. Read it. He's got a link to his first article there if you missed it.
In this follow-up he specifically tackles the liberals' accusations attempting to explain away his asserition that the GOP stood for civil rights while the Democrats opposed it. Here are the three main accusations, as quoted from his article.
  • Sure, Republicans were good on civil rights for a long time, but those were liberal Republicans, so you can’t claim them, since they’d be Democrats now.
  • It wasn’t a Republican/Democrat dispute, it was a North/South dispute.
  • If Republicans were really good on civil rights, why did blacks stop voting for them?
Great questions with great answers. Read it. Quoting a bit of it really wouldn't do it justice, so I won't.

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