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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

We Have a Winner!

This isn't really news, but now that Romney has swept the 5 primaries in the northeastern United States, he has a statistically insurmountable lead and shouldn't face any obstacles getting the rest of the delegates he needs to guarantee the nomination. There are slight variations reported on the number of delegates he has won, but RealClearPolitics puts him at 838 delegates out of 1,144 needed to win. That link also shows which states are left and how many delegates each have. California has a winner-takes-all which will presumably give him 172 more. Utah does likewise with 40 and New Jersey with 50. The 10 other states which assign delegates proportionately won't even matter mathematically, since I'm sure between the 10 of them he can muster the remaining 44 delegates required.

Romney gave a good speech last night. You can watch it here at Breitbart. Or here for the part about 'A Better America Begins Tonight.' I won't trouble you or waste your time with the response of various liberals. Their case is desperate, and it shows.

A different kind of winner: Erick Erickson's article over at Redstate. The Second Coming of American Liberal Fascism? It's well worth your time. It's good information throughout, information otherwise lost in the annals of history that liberal media refuses to report.

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