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Friday, April 13, 2012

Undercutting the 'Establishment'

Over at Red State, I found this article about a fundamental problem for the GOP. Politicians who say one thing and do another! This is not inherent to the GOP, but it's highlighted right now with spending and revenue so disproportionate to each other and the rise of the Tea Party.
As Republicans, we have ridiculed Obama’s stimulus, bailouts, picking winners and losers, crony capitalism, Keynesian economics, European-style socialism, and Solyndra-style loans.  Yet, there might only be 50 Republicans in the House who are willing to block a GOP effort to reauthorize a New-Deal policy that represents all of the aforementioned vices.
Roll Call is reporting that Eric Cantor is negotiating with Steny Hoyer in an effort to reauthorize the Export-Import Bank, which is set to expire May 31.  What’s worse is that GOP leadership is seeking Democrat support for a “compromise” to circumvent the lonely 50-70 Republicans who might block the reauthorization:
One would expect all of the 160+ RSC members to stick together and oppose an institution that subsidizes specific exporters to sell products to foreign consumers as opposed to domestic ones.  Yet, once again, we will be left with only a small group opposing this anti-free-market reauthorization.
The author makes the point that there are legislators from 100 conservative districts but only half of them or maybe less will stick with their principles of protecting the free market. Yikes!

This is where citizens of the country come in. Until voters care enough to communicate with their representatives on the issues, we can expect that accountability for Congressional votes like these just won't exist. If our representatives vote against the will of their constituents - supposing these constituents have in fact communicated with their representatives, they should be voted out of office. Until we vote out the promise-breakers, we can't expect real cuts or real change in our government "by the people, for the people, of the people." Congress will continue to spend money where the people don't want it spent unless the people get more involved.

Of course, as I remind you daily, before people will even realize that this is a problem, they first need to realize that the news media is liberal and thus biased against conservatism and therefore not shooting straight. Our deficit is larger than GDP, with debt per capita worse than that of Greece. Right now we're headed off of the deepest of cliffs, running full steam ahead towards a preposterously high debt ceiling. Democrats seems to think they can keep running at the bottom of it, with Obama proudly in the lead. It's time to adopt the Paul Ryan plan, and ask the GOP legislators to who remain reluctant to climb aboard now or miss the boat.

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