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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Romney's battles with the media

Now that Santorum has bowed out with Romney almost guaranteed the nomination, the attacks on him will  ramp up on and up until the general election. I issue some warnings on things in the media to take with a grain or two of salt if not disregard altogether.
  1. Mitt Romney is a 1%er and says 'marvelous.' So? Does that make him uncompassionate by definition? Obama is a 1%er too, and so is his wife. Romney's charitable giving shows that he thinks of giving and service. The very fact that he's running for president rather than making serious money in business shows that he's willing to sacrifice for a greater good. As in, maybe he knows his business skills are sorely needed in federal government right now? As he said himself?
  2. Romney is against women. I don't know where they even came up with this one. Sure, polls show he's not connecting with them as well as Obama, but does that mean he's anti-women? Of course not. Nor does being pro-life mean that he's anti-women any more than I am anti-women as a pro-life woman!
  3. Romney wants to cut his own taxes. Sure, liberals as if Romney wants to run for president of the United States to cut his own taxes. That seems like a pretty expensive, round-about way of seeking the (questionable) objective if you ask me! Why not vote for someone else wanting to lower his taxes? No, Romney wants to lower everyone's taxes and generate more revenue for the federal government by having more jobs created by a strong and growing private sector. See previous post for more on taxes.
  4. Romney can't connect. In large groups, that is a definite weakness for him. In closer settings, he has no problem connecting with people he talks with. When addressing an individual his warmth and concern come through without any problem. 
  5. Romney likes to fire people. Ha! That statement has already been taken out of context numerous times but it will be again without a doubt. I think we should be looking for someone willing to fire people - in the form of excessive government employees and redundant government departments.
  6. Romney is a vulture capitalist. Thanks, Rick Perry, for introducing the term. We all should know by now that capitalism involves risks. Businesses fail, businesses fold, businesses succeed. What on earth is wrong with trying to turn faltering businesses around and succeeding? A bigger problem today is crony capitalism, which is something President Obama excels at. Handing out government money to political pals and donors. That's gotta go, and Obama is hardly the man to do it.
  7. Romney is racist. This is a thinly veiled accusation meaning Romney is a Mormon. Until the 70's, blacks did not hold the priesthood in the LDS Church. No one knows why, but the current Church position is that racism in any form is reprehensible and intolerable.
  8. Romney is weird. This is another thinly veiled accusation probably meaning that Romney is a Mormon. Mormonism is a little different than mainstream Christianity. People like to point out differences as if they're necessarily bad and to be feared, but I find that position intolerant, and in the case of a religion, bigoted as well. Romney has already said that the Church will not influence his actions as president of the United States, and that is good enough for me. I trust him.
  9. Romney is a flip-flopper. The left sure has made this label a sticky one. Actually looking at his record and hearing his own explanations for the issues the left brings up leaves me convinced that he doesn't deserve the label.  What's more, a key part of Mormonism is honesty so I believe him. I would never, on the other hand, take media reports at face value because I don't trust them. In short, never believe a premise of the left regarding Romney's political positions.
  10. Mormons are flawed because of what they believe. This one is especially relevant today, because of liberal attacks on Mormonism all the while liberals say making those attacks are beneath them. I've seen liberals say that they're just joking around and can't Mormons take a joke, but the very nature of their misinformation and mischaracterization is not all in good fun. It is to demonize and call in question the character and belief of each and every Mormon. Except for Harry Reid of course, whose membership in the LDS Church continues to go unmentioned, along with some other Mormon Democratic politicians.
  11. Romney is just like Obama. What? Obama never worked in the private sector in his life. Obama has poured billions upon billions of taxpayer dollars away on failed crony-capitalism and bad social engineering. Obama wants to increase taxes. Obama can't run on his record. They're both family men is about as far as the similarities go in my mind.
  12. Romneycare guarantees Romney's doom in the general election. I doubt it. 'Conventional' wisdom is wrong far too often for me to take that seriously. Even if the Supreme Court doesn't strike down Obamacare, Romney has vowed to get Obamacare repealed. He is a man of his word. Besides, states are free to make laws for their constituents and people in Massachusetts like their law by a strong majority, and in Romney's day it didn't add a penny to the deficit. NOT like Obamacare.
  13. Romney isn't conservative. I don't know why liberals like to say this. Maybe to scare away conservatives? He has a good record in Massachusetts for growth and fiscal responsibility. He has a good record of social conservatism in Massachusetts too. Liberal media must have selective memory.
I'm sure there are more attacks I'm missing. Democrats have no reservations when it comes to attacking Republicans, and they hold a near monopoly on televised news coverage which they use for brainwashing the minds of unsuspecting citizens. Play it safe and take them all with a grain of salt, and check Romney's record for yourself. The same principle applies for attacks on Mormonism. Check into it for yourself.,, and are great resources for fact-checking the media or for your own enlightenment.

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