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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Mormons in the Limelight

The "Mormon moment" has been ongoing for quite awhile now. Over at Deseret News, I read an article summarizing an LDS Church official, Michael Otterson, on the subject. Otterson serves as the Managing Director for Public Affairs for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
"Perhaps after 182 years of successive moments, it's time to change the paradigm," Otterson said. "Of course the 'Mormon moment' is going to live on in the journalistic lexicon, but … this is not a transitory moment that will end, but simply the latest phase in the historic emergence of the church to a higher level of public consciousness."
Otterson then listed seven factors contributing to the increased knowledge and understanding of Mormons and the LDS Church including academics, politicians, and celebrities; to name three of seven.
Because of all of these elements, Otterson is confident the end of the current American election cycle will not mean the end of public attention to the LDS Church — for good or ill.
"While there are opportunities for the general public to better understand the church, it is obvious that dissenting voices and anti-church critics will seek to exploit this higher profile for their own objectives," Otterson said. "We know that there will be times when we need a thick skin. We may also need a sense of humor. Above all, we will need a spirit of kindness and forgiveness, remembering that our claims to be followers of the Lord Jesus Christ are most convincing when our actions are in harmony with our beliefs."
Absolutely. Anytime there is increased scrutiny, there is an increase in misrepresentation (thanks, media). This goes for anyone or any entity. The best way to understand the Mormons is to know them. Watch General Conference if you missed it this past weekend. Get to know Mormon colleagues and neighbors. Read the Book of Mormon. Find out for yourself. The best way to get information of any kind is to go to the source.

What questions do you have about the Mormons? and are great resources to search for answers to those questions. is a great site for quick answers. Feel free to ask me as well.

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