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Monday, April 23, 2012

The economy is king

Politico allows the odd conservative to put up articles from time to time. Some are more conservative than others. Kathleen Hughes' article Opinion: Why Mitt Romney will be a good president caught my interest. She makes the same points I like to make and repeat over here! Executive experience, financial turnarounds around in various capacities, a good listener - important in a leader responsible for making critical decisions, a belief in something higher than himself - a good sign he won't be easily swayed, and a first-hand knowledge of job creation. Check it out using the link.

Speaking of jobs, The Economic Collapse Blog has newly up 53 Percent Of All Young College Graduates Are Either Unemployed Or Underemployed. That title says it all. Here is another teaser:
All over the United States, "middle class jobs" are being replaced by "low income jobs" and young college graduates are being hurt by this transition more than almost anyone else.  Massive numbers of young college graduates are now working jobs that do not even require a high school degree.
That's the hope and change you get under Obama, folks. Don't let any liberal tell you otherwise. I saw a leftist article today that claimed the economy is stronger now than it was for most of Bush's tenure. He was using numbers I was not familiar with and I've seen plenty of numbers. I think they were finagled to reflect an incomplete picture rather than the hard data in terms of jobs available now versus then, etc. Trust your gut. If you know people struggling or are struggling yourself, then the economy is worse off.

PS. If you live in a northeastern state that votes tomorrow, don't forget about it! Now that the nominee is considered 'inevitable' I have seen nothing or next to nothing in the press about elections tomorrow. This may also be a tactic, but it is still your job to vote whether the press reminds you or not. To see primary days by state visit here.

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