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Friday, April 27, 2012

Illegal Immigration

There are so many ideas out and about regarding the DREAM act and variations of it. I've been confused at times about the conservative positions on illegal immigration until Romney came along and explained his plan. It made sense! Now there are plenty of people in the GOP (Establishment types, no doubt) that are pressuring him to ease his positions for the general election. I don't think he should do this. The left has already slapped him as a flip-flopper and he doesn't need to give that label any credibility. Beyond that, I shifting positions will make a stronger America.

Ann Coulter, as usual, explains this better than anyone else. She consistently explains conservatism in a clear way with the appropriate historical contexts. Rush Limbaugh doesn't hold a candle to her on explaining conservatism; his expertise lies in explaining liberalism and the flaws beneath their arguments. But I digress. Ann Coulter on the hidden costs of illegal immigration, regardless their 'cheap' labor:
Today, 70 percent of illegal immigrant households collect government benefits -- as do 57 percent of all immigrant households -- compared to 39 percent of native households.

Immigrant households with the highest rate of government assistance are from the Dominican Republic (82 percent), Mexico and Guatemala (tied at 75 percent), based on the latest available data from 2009. Immigrant households least likely to be on any welfare program are from the United Kingdom (7 percent).
This isn't a surprise to me. In fact there are other costs not accounted for in these government benefits: such as loss of funding to public schools. Additionally, illegal immigrants or otherwise uninsured individuals can get free care at the ER. Actually, it's only free to them, because costs are raised elsewhere in the hospital to cover for the losses coming from this government mandate that emergency rooms must provide care, whether the ER would be the most appropriate place for a vaccine or antibiotics or not. Coulter provides more terminology:
Yes, many illegal immigrants work hard, but it's not our responsibility if their employers don't pay them a living wage. This is known as an "externality," which we hear a lot about in the case of greedy businesses polluting the land, but not when it's greedy businesses making the rest of us support their underpaid employees.

Romney is one of the few Republicans to recognize that there is no need to "round up" illegal aliens (in the lingo of amnesty supporters) to get them to go home. Illegal aliens will leave the same way they arrived. They decided to walk across the border to get jobs -- and welfare, apparently -- and they'll walk back across the border as soon as the jobs and welfare dry up.
Exactly what made sense to me with Romney's plan when he explained it in various debates. In fact, we're already seeing that immigrants leave when they can't find what they're looking for: jobs, freedom, prosperity, etc. Just in this last week the report came out that illegal immigrants are leaving the United States as much as they are entering it, meaning a net change of zero instead of growing numbers as is standard with a growing economy and insufficient laws or enforcement of laws against illegal immigration. Coulter refers to that as well:
 Obama has a similar plan, but instead of using E-Verify to stop illegal aliens from taking American jobs, he did it by destroying the entire job market. Hmmmm, drug-war ravaged Ciudad Juarez, or Obama's America ... I'll take Juarez! Under the booming economy President Romney is going to produce, we're going to need a really high fence.

It didn't take a government administrator "rounding up" foreigners and putting them on buses to get 20 million illegal aliens here, and it won't take a government program "rounding them up" to get them home.
Also, if you haven't heard, the Supreme Court heard the Arizona illegal immigration law in court Wednesday, and were not impressed with the Obama administration's defense of their position against Arizona's law. The question was raised whether the federal government wants to know who is here illegally at all. Exactly. The liberal government, that is, in both parties. Coulter calls the establishment out on this, but you can read that yourself. I'll end with more of her numbers.
As Romney said in one of the early debates, Republicans appeal to Latinos "by telling them what they know in their heart, which is they or their ancestors did not come here for a handout. If they came here for a handout, they'd be voting for Democrats. They came here for opportunity and freedom. And that's what we represent."
Romney crushed pro-amnesty Newt Gingrich in the Florida primary, winning a huge majority of that state's substantial Hispanic population. And Gingrich promised Hispanics their own moon base!
Before the primary, Gingrich played up his support for amnesty, while accusing Romney of wanting to "round up" illegal alien grandmothers. The one thing every Florida primary voter knew was that Romney said he'd veto the Dream Act, giving citizenship to illegal alien children.
And then Romney won the primary with an even larger percentage of the Hispanic vote than Florida at large. Romney beat Gingrich statewide, 46 percent to 32. But among Latino voters, Romney routed Gingrich, 54 percent to 29 percent.
It's not just Florida. In 2006, Arizona Hispanics supported four anti-illegal immigration propositions by 40 to 50 percent -- which is a lot more than voted for pro-amnesty Republican presidential candidates John McCain or George W. Bush.
Notice a pattern? Let's hope the people of America do too, and choose representation accordingly. Enough with these GOP elite deciding they're not going to support the will of the people. There are plenty of Latino Republicans. We don't need to pander to get votes.
These are our Latinos -- the ones, as Romney said, who came here for opportunity and freedom. Any race-mongering, welfare-collecting, ethnic-identity rabble-rousers are voting for the Democrat.

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  1. I was born in Canada. My parents and my older brothers and sisters emigrated to Canada in 1950 where it was so much easier to get into then the United States. They came over on an ocean liner with five children, the youngest being 6 weeks old. To make a long story short we emigrated to the U.S. by that time there were 8 children. My parents dotted all the i's and crossed all the t's and did everything legal. We had a sponsor who assured the authorities that we would not be on the government welfare for at least 5 years and my Dad had a job in the U.S. My Dad always had work! Due to my parents becoming U. S. citizens after I was 18, I had to apply for citizenship myself. Due to college, marriage and six children this was completed at a later time but well worth the time to do it. I'm proud to be an U. S. citizen and all that it stands for and am sadden with what has happened over the years, of increased corruption in our government in both parties. I pray that a good man can turn this around! Our sponsor was George Romney.