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Monday, April 2, 2012

Health Care Ruling

You learn something new every day! I never knew prior that the Supreme Court routinely takes three months between a hearing and preliminary vote and the final decision. From Rush on Friday:
You know, folks, it is hilarious and it's pathetic how the media are all aflutter about how the court is gonna vote on Obamacare today and then not announce their ruling 'til the end of June.  It's not fair.  It just isn't right.  They know and we don't. We have to wait until June. 

So they're hunting around here, they're hoping and praying for leaks.  If you know how to read between the lines of these liberal media news stories, as I do, you can see that they're mining for leaks here.  They're asking clerks to let them know how it turns out.  Here's what's going on today.  This is the procedure, as it has been for 222 years.  The nine justices will gather in this room and they will vote, and it's only them. There is nobody else in the room. There are no clerks.  There are no secretaries.  The most junior justice, who is Elena Kagan, takes the notes of the meeting.  She is the note taker.  She records what happens here.  There's no secretaries; no executive assistants. There's no iPhone in there with Siri.  There are no clerks.  If somebody wants a cup of coffee, Elena Kagan goes and gets it.  That's common, too.  The most junior justice does the grunt work like that.  It's traditional, and it's always happened.
They will vote.  Opinions will be assigned.  There might be a little discussion going around the room as the justices explain things that are important to them, noteworthy, but there's very little persuasion, if any, that goes on here.  It remains entirely civil and collegial.  Do not erupt in arguments.  The arguments and the dissents and the disagreements occur in writing.  The vote that is held today is not final because, after the opinions have been assigned and written, it's not likely, but it has happened -- in fact, it happened with Justice Kennedy in a fairly recent case, changed his original vote after reading opinions from the other justices.  That could happen here.
The Democrats and their buddies in the media are using their usual tactics to persuade people that the Supreme Court will come out in favor of Obamacare, despite how badly the defense of Obamacare was hammered by the Supreme Court last week. Rush talked about a popular theory on the left arriving at a final vote 6-3 in favor of constitutionality. You could read all that yourself if you're interested. But boiling it down, Rush said:
Now, don't worry too much about this theory, folks.  The theory is becoming conventional wisdom and that means it's irrelevant and is wrong.  It's advanced by the left.  And, by the way, here's a quote from Senator Richard Blumenthal, former attorney general Connecticut, now Senator from Connecticut.  The left is playing this "you will ruin your reputation" card.  That's what this theory is about, the theory that justices will see it.  They're trying to intimidate the court into ruling in favor of Obamacare.  Blumenthal said, "The court commands no armies, it has no money; it depends for its power on its credibility. The only reason people obey it is because it has that credibility. And the court risks grave damage if it strikes down a statute of this magnitude and importance, and stretches so dramatically and drastically to do it."

So you guys on the court, you people on the court, you are going to destroy the court and your credibility and people won't obey if you do the right thing here and find this constitutional.  So the effort to intimidate is under full swing.
Intimidation. Ridicule. Swaying popular opinion or trying to do so. These are standard media tactics. The liberal media generally mocks anything to do with standing for principles, such as the law as given under the Constitution. Count on that. Our Founding Fathers deliberately set up a system of checks and balances between the judiciary, executive, and legistlative branches; such that no one of these branches would have more power than the others and all would force each other to remain bound to upholding the Constitution. Senator Blumenthal's comment shows how little regard the Democrats have for this time-proved system of government. If I were in the Supreme Court, I'd strike down Obamacare just to show I had the power to do so under the Constitution against these politicians in the executive and legislative branches! If the Supreme Court truly could be manipulated or intimidated, that would truly mark the end of the United States as it was designed.

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