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Monday, April 16, 2012

Harry Reid is a Mormon too

It is articles like this one on Politico that make me roll my eyes right out of my head. It's called GOP to Mitt Romney: Own your Mormonism. Yes, Mitt Romney is a Mormon. We all know it. How pertinent is it to the presidential race? Not very. Yet in the last couple weeks we have heard plenty of Democrat operatives cry that they would never make an issue of Romney's religion, because it doesn't matter and more likely because they don't want the GOP to bring up Obama's religious past with the anti-American Reverend Wright. They said this while some within the GOP (most other Mormon politicians, incidentally) were saying in effect, "Oh yes, they are bringing up Romney's religion." And simultaneously plenty of other liberals in the media were attempting to wreak havoc for Romney by bringing up all sorts of false claims about Mormons and Mormonism.

I don't mind the increased attention that Mormonism is getting. Democrats are banking on the fact that people in the United States are still scared of Mormons because they're 'different' or 'weird.'  I don't think that this media campaign will influence voters the way liberal media intends, which is not a bad thing. People who know Mormons usually like them and respect them and even admire them for their strong commitments to their families and communities.

What does bother me is the sheer hypocrisy of the whole thing! Suppose, for a minute, that Harry Reid were the Democratic nominee for president right now. His Mormonism would not be touched - not even brought up. Instead it would be purposefully ignored. Just as it has been for his entire political career. If Harry Reid's faith doesn't matter to Democrats (or Barack Obama's), Mitt Romney's faith shouldn't matter to Democrats either.

Suppose that these same Democrats would argue that the cases aren't the same because Harry Reid hasn't sought the presidency. There is a point there, but not as big a point as the one I'm making. Democrats are only too willing to excuse themselves from the things they love to accuse the GOP about. The war on women, race, and religion to name just three. There are plenty of problems within both parties, but you've got to read both sides of the story to figure that out. If you read only the liberal news media and think you're well informed, you have been deceived. Partisanship causes blindness to the problems we have within this country. I could even argue that the GOP base is better informed as a whole than the Democrat base because the GOP can't escape liberal media, yet they make the effort to find conservative media for more information, while Democrats do not. Every Democrat I've ever heard use exactly the same arguments word for word that liberal media spouts off, as if that was where intelligence lies, instead of keeping an open mind while gathering more information before forming an opinion as to which side is more correct on a particular issue. Self and party introspection is in order to become well grounded and well spoken in your political philosophies. Or religion, for that matter!

In conclusion, just because the liberal media is making a big deal out of Romney's religion doesn't mean it will hurt him. It may very well come back to bite them.

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