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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Focusing on the Periphery

Poll after poll shows that what voters care about is the economy or factors relating directly to the economy. Yet what does the media report? Non-issues or issues on the sidelines. They desperately want to take the focus away from the economy, which is the core of the country. It's all distractions stirring up hatred and partisan divisions needlessly unless you consider Barack Obama's re-election to be a vital need. Which I don't. The country got along pretty well for 200+ years without him with various ups and downs, and is worse off for the 3+ years we've had.

To the same effect, the media's focus on Mormonism is on the periphery. Their focus is the sidelines, the issues that don't define Mormons for who or what they are. The core of the LDS Church is the belief that only in and through Jesus Christ can we be saved. We try to be like Him and follow His example. We try to do the things he taught like preach the gospel, love others regardless of wrongs they commit, serve others and bless them according to their needs. This is the heart and root of our faith. You will not find it reported much in the media, if at all. That would be too unifying a part of Mormonism to talk about when division is what they seek in a reelection year against a Mormon.

I don't think these distractions put the liberals in a good light. They're showing themselves for what they are: hypocrites. I am seeing more and more response to the media that 'you can't have it both ways.' You can't say that the GOP has a war on women when Obama himself pays women less than men and women have been disproportionately hard hit in job losses during the past couple years. You can't say that this country is racist or the GOP is racist when Obama himself has an almost entirely white staff. You can't blame Romney for his success or credit his family circumstances for his success and then say that others don't have those opportunities because of their family situations. Obama is successful despite his history. That doesn't work. You can't convince us that we don't want Romney because he was successful when in fact our country is struggling economically so he is exactly what we want! That doesn't work either. You can't say that if you get handed a silver spoon you don't understand other people who aren't, when in fact every human being on the planet has his or her own struggles. We can all understand struggles (and Romney started dirt-poor by choice, with a brand-new family so that argument doesn't hold up for him either). You can't say that religion is off limits and then allow liberals media to do the dirty work of marginalizing the Mormon faith. And above all, you can't say that Bush's $5 trillion were bad and Obama's $5 trillion are not. $5 trillion is bad no matter who is responsible and we've got to cut back before it's too late! I'd love to hear how the media would defend have a debt per capita worse than that of Greece.

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