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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ann Coulter to the Rescue

Ann Coulter's article this week highlights that we need drastic action on spending to get the $15.5T deficit back in line and not rely solely upon cutting taxes to generate the much needed federal revenue. This would close the gap between the federal spending which is well over 1.5 times greater than revenue, but that doesn't cut the deficit, it merely stagnates it. Her example:
When Reagan took office, the top marginal tax rate in this country was a staggering 70 percent. Lowering that to 28 percent was an enormous shot in the arm to the economy.
Cutting the top tax rate today from 35 percent to 30 percent -- or even 20 percent -- cannot possibly have the same dramatic effect. Republicans, as the only responsible party, are going to have to do something that's never been tried before in Washington: Cut government spending.
After summarizing years of moderate Republicans versus conservative Republicans in primary races, she says that times have changed:
For the first time, the last cycle's conservative has been rebranded a "liberal" by right-wingers eager to resume their battle against liberal Republicans. This year's actual liberal Republican, much admired by the Non-Fox Media, was Jon Huntsman. But he dropped out after the New Hampshire primary.

Mitt Romney isn't a liberal. He isn't even a moderate. And he certainly isn't liked by the Times.

Liberals so loathe Romney that in 2008, their most Christian-phobic columnist, Frank Rich, was forced to write admiringly about pro-life Christian conservative Mike Huckabee. He may have been a Christian, but at least he wasn't Mitt Romney!

Conservatives know perfectly well Romney isn't a "moderate" -- he was our conservative hero just four years ago!
I have said at least three times now that if Mitt Romney talked about his record as well as Ann Coulter does, he would have already taken the nomination.  That nomination seems inevitable now, but it didn't always. The point is that Ann Coulter defends Mitt Romney's conservatism strongly through specific examples from his record and compares them to other records, in this case that of John McCain, an actual liberal. You could read that on your own, but beyond McCain:
By contrast, when Romney was governor of Massachusetts, every single budget he submitted to the 85 percent Democratic legislature included tax cuts. He became a pro-lifer when it mattered -- while he was governor -- and vetoed a stem cell research bill. He slashed government spending in one of the most liberal states of the union. He is the rare elected Republican who is tough on illegal immigration. He has forcefully denounced Obama's dangerous foreign policy.

But the facts are irrelevant to people busy fighting the last war. It's not about Romney at all, but their own posing. Romney is the Emmanuel Goldstein of GOP primary voters looking for a moderate to hate because they fell down on the job last time.

Liberal Republicans always lose. Because he is not a liberal, Romney stands a good chance of beating Obama this fall. But if the fantasist posers keep turning this presidential race into their personal "Dungeons and Dragons" battle against "moderates," Romney's victory will go into the "Liberal Wins" column, when it is anything but.
She's quite right. Romney's fiscal record in Massachusetts alone should excite the GOP base to vote for the first presidential candidate we've ever had who had actually cut spending, and by forcing the hand of the liberals he was working with, no less! He's exactly the man we need for the problem at hand.

Enough with liberal media branding GOP candidates and the GOP base believing them. We should all know better than that. We should also know better than to trust the 'establishment' big spenders in the party who cozy up with this same media, like John McCain did in '08. Most of them don't like Romney either, but chose him for likeability over twice-divorced and egomaniac Gingrich or social-issues Santorum. Social issues are certainly important to us in the GOP base, but to the 'establishment' they're poison. Of course they chose Romney! But I don't think they believe the GOP can win at all against Obama. They believe the media, remember? We can show them otherwise, just as we did with Ronald Reagan.

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