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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Super Tuesday

This election season is almost unreal - who would have thought we'd ever see a race so evenly divided at Super Tuesday? With no clear 'best' candidate?

I credit each remaining candidate as strong, dedicated, and being worth voting for. Romney and Santorum more so than the other two.

I still don't think this long contest is a bad thing. Someone (probably Rush) reminded me that Obama didn't have the candidacy wrapped up until June in '08, so there really is nothing bad about the election lasting forever. The media wants us to feel like it is, of course. They're doing their best to trash talk the election season, make it seem worse than it is, and villify each candidate in turn. This is a GOP primary, after all! Just like the media will continue to ignore Obama's deficiencies and failures and talk him up ahead of his reelection campaign. Because he's a Democrat and must be protected. And just like the GOP nominee can expect to have some horrrible reports put forward ahead of the general election.

That is precisely why having a well-vetted candidate is vital to this election! And also precisely why an open convention resulting in an unvetted candidate would be fatal. We cannot afford more of Obama, so we can't let that happen. One of the candidates running in primaries needs to be our nominee. And any of them could take him down, because Obama can't run on his record - he has to run away from it!

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