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Friday, March 16, 2012

Obama's failing energy policy

As I've said time and again, Obama - ever since capitalizing on the BP oil spill because it suited his purposes - is using energy as a way of deliberately keeping cost of living high for Americans. He could bring prices down if he chose, just as Bush did. Not that liberal media gave Bush credit for it any more than they'll give Obama flak about it. But why doesn't Obama want Americans to prosper?  Domestic oil means jobs, a growing economy, and lower cost of living.
Especially after the exposure a couple months ago of Obama's domestic oil exports in the past three years (found at CNN Money) at a time that our domestic gas prices are so high, one must wonder what Obama's really going for. If he cared about the economy or jobs, he'd lift the oil-drilling moratorium, accept Keystone, and allow domestic oil to be used domestically. Prices would plummet, we would have spending money! If, on the other hand, this is about the environment as he'd like you to believe, why do you believe we're saving the environment when we're instead buying oil from distant, hostile, human-rights violating countries with less stringent environmental standards then our own? We have the highest environmental standards for drilling in the world and we have for decades. So that doesn't fly.

You could argue that it's for federal taxes on gasoline, which are amassing into the treasury with these high gas prices. But our deficit continues to skyrocket, advancing at a hitherto unprecented rate under Obama. Our deficit has surpasses the GDP, for crying out loud! Our debt per capita is worse than that of Greece! So the tax revenue isn't covering Obama's massive expenditures, and he's never seemed at all concerned about the ballooning debt which which he's burdening the American people. So that's not it either.
It must be the ensuing economic hardship driving citizens of the United States to turn to their government instead of relying on themselves. He's buying votes with government dependency (already about 50% of citizens) for his reelection, after which we'll make a swift and seemingly natural transition to socialism despite the failure of socialism everywhere it's been tried. (See Saul Alinsky's book Rules For Radicals and you'll see exactly what I mean - see Breitbart's How Saul Alinsky Taught Barack Obama Everything He Knows About Civic Upheaval.) The problem for him here is he's got to appear to care about Americans just enough that he'll get reelected for this to happen.

Now Obama is out there blaming the GOP for saying mean things about him like he can get prices down. He's saying all sorts of desparate things trying to shift the blame somewhere other than his shoulders where it belongs. Rush Limbaugh on Thursday had a lot to say about the disparity between what Obama's saying and what he's doing.
Obama has just announced that the United States and Britain are going to release oil from their Strategic Reserves. ... We don't have an emergency. There is not a shortage. We are exporting gasoline. Do you know that, folks? We are a net exporter now of gasoline. As you go to the pump and you see the price rise, we have a net-exporting-of-gasoline position now. Part of this is due to refining capacity around the world and a number of other things. There's not an oil shortage. There's not a crisis. This is simply a flailing attempt to try to get the price down. If you're gonna do this, do this in October, not now. Folks, I'm gonna tell you something. Doing this now, releasing oil from our Strategic Reserve is a sign, I think, of pure panic. I think the truth of the matter is the left is in a state of panic.
It's nice that Rush is backing me up on the oil exporting. After CNN Money originally published an article about the subject, I've been unable to find reference to this anywhere! I'm sure the Obama regime is doing all it can to keep that a secret, as they do anything else that would be unpopular with the voters in the United States of America. To continue farther down:
Well, you can't possibly be in context here if you're just joining us today or this week, and we've been at it for 23 years. But the Strategic Oil Reserve does not exist to lower gasoline prices. That's not its purpose. The Strategic Reserve is so we have a supply of oil when this nation is cut off, or is being threatened with a cutoff of imported oil, or when there is a genuine shortage. And when our national security depends on it. This is nothing more than a cheap political ploy that's gonna end up costing money because the oil is gonna have to replenished. But there's not enough in the Strategic Reserves to last long enough.
If it's all refined as gasoline, by the way, there's still not enough of it to last long enough to have any kind of permanent, meaningful impact on the price of gasoline.
Isn't that interesting? We use reserves for a non-emergency, then rebuild them at a higher price, costing taxpayers yet more money? That does seem to be Obama's plan for a lot of things.
We are not having any supply cut off, other than Obama refusing to drill and Obama refusing to authorize the Keystone pipeline. The one man standing in the way of an increased supply of oil in this country is Barack Obama! And so now he's gonna release oil from the Strategic Reserves because they say it's supposed to lower prices. And the media is gonna be right in here, folks. The media is gonna be jumping for joy with this and doing exactly what they're supposed to do. The news is going to be, "Obama cares! He's not waiting for the oil companies. Somebody has to act! Somebody has to care about the American people. Somebody has to care about the price of gasoline! They say that presidents can't do anything about it.
Or maybe they're just gonna try to live off the fact that "Somebody finally had to do something for the struggling American people, fighting against Big Oil, attempting to rape and rip off average Americans who are already in challenging economic times!" So Obama is hero again. Democrats as saviors! They create a bunch of victims and ride to the rescue as the savior and so forth. Again, folks, this Strategic Reserve is supposed to be used to help us survive an interruption of our oil supply -- which we could have, by the way, if the Iranians closed down the Strait of Hormuz, but they haven't. They're not gonna do that today. There is no interruption. We are not having any problem getting oil other than the obstacles Obama has put in the way of the free flow of oil at market prices, refusing to drill here and the failure to okay the Keystone pipeline.
 All valid points. And valid observations about our liberal media and liberal president. This next quote mentions an editorial in Politico about gas prices affecting the economic growth.
Every 10% increase in oil prices is expected to knock 0.25% off economic growth..." That, if true, is an amazing fact, especially when you bear in mind that we've had gasoline prices go up more than 100% under Obama. That works out to a reduction of GDP by 2.5%, and our GDP is not even growing at 2%. Our GDP, our economy is growing at under 2%, and the federal government's share of the total economic output of this (which does not include economic output; they don't produce anything) is 23%, on its way eventually to 25%. It is at a historical high. That's how much of the private sector that Obama and the Democrats have simply transferred and shut down and moved to the government sector. And that's why there are two million fewer jobs. So you had this statistic from Lugar: Every 10% increase in oil prices is expected to knock a quarter of a percentage point off economic growth. Well, you run the numbers: The oil price is up over 100% under Obama, and gross domestic product is down by 2.5%. Think of how much this has cost the country. Think of how much it has cost you and me, and how much it's going to cost the economy if Obama doesn't do something about it. Which he could very easily do, but not this way. Not releasing the Strategic Reserve. He did that before.
You may not remember, but back in June, Obama released 30 million barrels of oil from the Strategic Reserves because of the Arab Spring. Back in June, did that make the world price of oil go down? I don't think so. There's not enough. Thirty million barrels is a thimble compared to the daily usage of oil by everybody on the planet.
So much here. In essence, everything Obama says is to make himself look good in the eyes of the public while he does something else entirely. Something destructive to the private sector, to economic growth, and prosperity.
Finally, in response to some direct quotations about oil policy by Obama:
When he says, "Do not tell me we're not drilling. We're drilling all over this country," his policy has been to shut down as much drilling as possible. The only place he can't shut down drilling is that which is occurring on privately owned land in America, like land that might be owned by an oil company or an individual entrepreneur, a wildcatter who is drilling his own oil. But he most definitely has shut down drilling, and he has refused new permits for drilling -- and up until this sound bite, he's out there explaining why.
Now all of a sudden, in a state of panic, he wants to tell people how he's Mr. Drill? He is all over the ballpark each and every day saying whatever he has to say in reaction to a crisis that is engulfing him. This is a classic example, and it's so un-presidential. This is so childish and immature. (impression) "We're not drilling in National Mall. We're not drillin' your house! I guess we could set up a couple rigs in the Chesapeake Bay." Nobody's talking about doing that. Nobody wants to drill on the National Mall. Nobody wants to drill in Chesapeake Bay. Nobody's suggesting this. It's a classic Obama technique of setting up a straw man: You know, an imaginary troll out there, an imaginary evil guy, an imaginary evil party, an imaginary evil radio host.
It's typical Obama, following Saul Alinky's Rule for Radicals as usual. You read this and see if you can't see this all over America today in what Obama says and does in just about every aspect of government. From the Breitbart link in the opening, quoting Alinsky:
[You must help] the people in the community…feel so frustrated, so defeated, so lost, so futureless in the prevailing system that they are willing to let go of the past and chance the future. [An] organizer must shake up the prevailing patterns of their lives—agitate, create disenchantment and discontent with the current values, to produce, if not a passion for change, at least a passive, affirmative, non-challenging climate. [You must] fan the embers of hopelessness into a flame of fight.

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