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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Obama is Vetted!

Andrew Breitbart's greatest wish was to vet Obama before his reelection. His much-anticipated videos about the matter were to be released on March 1, but then he died that night before. They have now been released, 9 PM on Fox tonight!

Yesterday I went over to Breitbart and found articles to the same effect, that of vetting our president.
The Vetting Part 1
Obama Ally Won't Release Alinsky Tape
Obama Mentor: We hid Harvard Race Tapes

Andrew Breitbart himself wrote the first of those articles, and he emphatically announces that he took it upon himself to do what the media wouldn't do in 2008: vet our president. If the media had done their job, we quite likely would not have President Obama in the Oval Office. It's amusing and simultaneously alarming to see the media trying to blow this stuff over. They're editing tapes so nothing looks concerning, discrediting the right for publishing this stuff, trying to ignore it all, discrediting Breitbart and his team by saying they're lying. You name it. Normal media stuff. Don't buy it. Meanwhile, these tapes and articles are receiving probably more attention than they would have were Breitbart still alive, so at least there is a silver lining somewhere in his untimely death.

Note: Keep checking back with Breitbart, because vetting articles will continue to be posted.

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