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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Mark Levin's Book

Mark Levin wrote a book titled Ameritopia. It's selling in the millions but has received little press attention, understandably considering that it's about how America has deviated from her founding principles. Rush Limbaugh included an interview about the book in the most recent Limbaugh Letter. The Constitution is being attacked and abandoned by our politicians, under our noses, without our realizing it. Levin says that while most Americans have heard of FDR and Woodrow Wilson, they haven't learned about John Locke or Charles de Montesquieu, men whose words were highly instrumental in shaping our founding documents. Similarly Americans are more likely to read Karl Marx than Plato's Republic, also studied by our founding fathers. In essence, if Americans don't wake up to the hijacking of our country, we're not going to recognize it in a few short years. Our country was designed with checks and balances for a reason: people are imperfect and liable to corruption and to seek power! Like Obama, who is taking liberties he doesn't possess as President, despite those acts being illegal under the Constitution. Like people dependent on the government, yielding their power by allowing themselves to be bought with handouts.

Now, you may wonder what I'm doing talking about Rush Limbaugh when he's getting slaughtered by the media for an inappropriate remark. This remark, while inappropriate, was wildly taken out of context and the Democrats have jumped all over him for it as a means of trying (not going to happen) to take him down, while simultaneously distracting from real issues. They like to do that, if you haven't noticed. What, the jobs numbers aren't as good as Obama says? Instead we have to hear about an imaginary battle over contraception coverage?

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