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Saturday, March 3, 2012

I knew it! Koran burnings were NOT deliberate.

This up at a Breitbart site: Big Peace. "Probe: Korans Placed in Trash by Soldiers, Inadvertently Burned by Afghan Workers."

Watch the news media NOT correct their errors. Meanwhile all of Afghanistan is in uproar because the Afghan workers freaked out once they realized Korans were in the fire they started. Watch also the Muslim clerics NOT correct the understanding of their followers by explaining the accident. It's times like these that show the pride of mankind. Are we so full of ourselves that we can't admit when we make mistakes except when it's politically or personally advantageous?

PS. Regarding Breitbart's surprising death in the wee hours of March 1: the media immediately reported that he died of natural causes. This in itself is suspicious and is bad reporting at the minimum. The autopsy had not been completed yet, and full results from the autopsy (toxicology) won't be available for weeks. Only the forensic pathologist can determine whether a death is natural, accidental, homicide, or suicide. Far be it from me to say that he didn't die naturally, but the fact that the media is reporting it thus prematurely has caused no end of speculation and suspicion because Breitbart had announced that he had a big exposure of Obama that he would release on March 1. And no one has found those tapes...not that I'd trust the liberal media to report such a thing.

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