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Monday, March 12, 2012


The United States used to be a beacon of freedom for every country, every person in the world. What does freedom mean to you? To me, freedom means that I can live my life how I want to, while following the Golden Rule and expecting others to do the same. I should be free to live my own faith without concern that our government is attacking freedom of religion and religious liberties. I should be free to raise my children how I see fit, not how the government tells me. I should be free to educated my children how I see fit, not how the government tells me. I should be free to raise my own food if I see fit without burdensome government interference. I should be able to drive a car or purchase a product with sufficient competition in the private market that prices are low, which means that these products and services should not be burdened with excessive regulations and compliance standards. I should be free to not think about government's interference in my life - should I choose to - because of a well maintained economy experiencing growth.

Contrast the capitalist United States of old with communist/socialist/dictatorship North Korea. I've watched quite a few documentaries regarding their policies. This state kills anyone who tries to leave, or even anyone who complains against the leadership. Those related to escapees or those who fall from favor are imprisoned in concentration camps where they work forced labor on meager rations. The only media is state media blaring propaganda. There is one TV station, not that many have television. The housing in Pyongyang (those lucky enough to live there) blares radio messages from the government and there is no way to turn it off. Their socialist state stopped providing food for anyone living outside Pyongyang back in the 90's. Meanwhile they had a drought so nothing would grow. Malnourishment and stunted growth are rampant. Even the military doesn't have enough supplies so they prey upon the already barely surviving people in towns. Health care is nonexistent outside the capital and spotty within it. This is a state ruled with an iron fist, and people have no freedom beyond what the state directly grants them. This state is a dead end.

This is backwards from freedom - the direct opposite. Freedom should begin with the people, and given to government insomuch that the government works to preserve the freedom of the people. To do this the government should not burden the people with excessive debt. The government should not lie (with media help) about the true state of affairs. The government should have a military to protect its interests and preserve liberty. The government should maintain a climate of economic growth to allow everyone the opportunity for prosperity should they seek it.

Capitalism benefits all and preserves freedom. Socialism benefits the few in power only, at the expense of everyone else by usurping the power of the people.

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