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Monday, March 26, 2012

Climate Change is Normal and Natural

Did you know that citrus trees grew in England for centuries up until the middle ages? That pastures once reigned the area taken over the Sahara?  I did thanks to my education. It isn't broadcast via news media.

A new study (and good luck finding it in liberal news media) reveals that the warming of the middle ages was not confined to Europe alone, but was rather experienced worldwide. What does this mean? Human CO2 emissions are likely not to blame for any current climate change after all, we don't need to give governments -courtesy of liberal politicians- any new taxes related to the environment which don't curb emissions much anyway, just tax them and place additional burdens on burdened economies, and that we could expect the earth to cool down again after warming just as it has over and over through out its 4.5 billion year history without the aid or intervention of human beings.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for saving the environment if it improves the lives of humans. Like anti-smoking laws,  particulates, drinking water pollutants, etc.  Just don't give me the CO2 stuff or its like. I never bought that CO2 was a pollutant in the first place! It's a natural part of the atmosphere, the levels varying wildly depending on the overall climate on earth at the time. Plants just love high levels of CO2 and energy from the sun - as evidenced by the highest level of allergens ever recorded in various places. Plants use CO2 along with sunlight and give off oxygen, which animal life requires. Meanwhile, if the earth is truly warming again, enjoy the good weather!

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