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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Analyzing the Media

Rush Limbaugh has been on a roll lately. As I've said before, he's the one that showed me how and why to question the media in the first place, but I've missed a lot of the points he's been making until he brought them up. Like why is the media fixated on Trayvon? Why is it assumed that liberal judges can't be swayed but conservative ones can? Here are the headlines to articles on his website, which are transcripts from the radio show divided up by topic.

Obamacare Oral Argument Don't Appear to be Going Well for the Regime
Tasteless: Obama 2012 Sells Hoodies to Exploit the Death of Trayvon Martin
Reuters: Consumer Confidence "Eases" Rush: It plunged!
Nobody Doubts How the Liberal Members of the Supreme Court Will Rule
New Black Panthers Put Out Bounty for Zimmerman - and the President is Silent
Libs to Cheney: Take the Painkiller As in, he's 'too old' for a transplant. He actually would be, under a VA. And we're headed to government-run care soon enough. Death panels, people!
The Left's Obsession with Race
Bam to Russians: Give Me Time

Again, I can only repeat that if you aren't reading both sides of an issue, you are underinformed. Both sides leave stuff out because both sides want to talk themselves up and the other side down! Thus, you need to read both sides to really know what's going on and have an educated opinion.

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