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Monday, February 13, 2012

Word of Warning from EU

A member of the British parliament named Daniel Hannan spoke at CPAC.  Rush talked about it today, which is how I found out that Hannan spoke at CPAC in the first place.  The media didn't publicize his speech, and barely mentioned others such as Palin's - I'm sure you're surprised. I quote Rush quoting Hannah.

HANNAN:  "If you repeat our mistakes, if you shift power from the 50 states to Washington, from the elected representative to the federal czar, from the citizen to the state, we know exactly what lies in store for you.  I've been a member of the European parliament for 12 years.  I am living in your future, or at least the future towards which your present leaders seem intent on taking you.  And believe me, my friends, you are not going to enjoy it."

"European health care, European day care, European college education, European nuclear disarmament, European carbon taxes, the whole package.  And I'll tell you, when you adopt those things, you don't just become like any other country.  You become less prosperous, less independent, less Democratic, and less free.  We are at the end of the road that you have just set out along.  We're screeching towards the cliff, and a couple of us, a very small number of us in the parliaments of Europe are trying desperately to jam the brakes on while there is still time. And you know what?  We look up and what do we see in our rearview mirror, we see you trying to overtake us, accelerating frantically in the direction that we have been going in.  My friends, there is still time to turn aside."

"Let me end with a heartfelt imprecation from a British conservative who loves his country, to American conservatives who still believe in theirs.  Honor the vision of your founders, cleave to the most sublime Constitution devised by human intelligence.  Don't be the generation that cuts itself off from the wisdom of your fathers and disinherits your children.  Never be afraid to speak to and for the soul of this nation, of which by good fortune and God's grace you are privileged to be a part.  God bless you, my friends, God bless America, and God bless the alliance of the free English speaking nations.  Thank you."

I tell my audience this stuff all the time. I appreciate this validation coming from someone working within the European Union.  The bigger question and answer lies in how many people in the United States are going to wake up and smell the burning mess that is our economy! Spread the democratic word. Freedom needs - nay, requires - protection and involvement and our vigilance. Freedom requires protection from Barack Obama and his ilk, proposing a federal budget DOUBLE the typical federal revenue. Out of touch! Hello, the federal deficit ALREADY equals the entire GDP!!!  We don't want to become the EU!

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  1. Love your blog. Thanks for your thoughts. Melissa (another conservative Mormon mom)