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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Washington is Out of Touch

They're out of touch with a lot of things, to be honest. Politicians either don't understand or don't care that we're becoming just like the EU and will be experiencing the problems in Greece now if we don't change things for the future now. They're out of touch with their voters, causing widespread Congressional and Presidential dissatisfaction. They're also out of touch with reality! Hello - you can't spend money you don't have! Unless you're the federal government, apparently. It still doesn't mean that they should. This is all true of both parties, by the way, with very few exceptions in individual politicians like Ron Paul who is the most recognizable example.

RedState has up an article about the highway bill. In it, author Horowitz talks about the trap the GOP House leadership has laid out for the more conservative House members by separating out elements of the highway bill to debate and pass on their own, but then merge them later.

"Hence, any good will on the part of conservatives to vote for the good bills (pension reform and drilling) will be pocketed and rejoined with the unappealing highway bill. The Rules Committee will meet tonight and write a structured rule to combine the bills upon passage, and have them shipped off to the Senate as one entity. This will facilitate passage of the highway bill and allow a future conference committee to denude it of the offsets, leaving House members with a plain deficit-inducing highway bill."

And his conclusion:
"The end result will be a top-down federal highway bill that requires an immediate $40 billion bailout for a new mass transit account and future bailouts down the road. Either way, there will be no pension reform or expanded oil drilling from the final version of the bill. This is yet another example of the shenanigans that are so endemic of Washington politics."

He's right. Same old in Washington. Do you begin to understand how desperate I feel (and others like me) that our elected officials refuse to address the big problems for which they were sent to Washington in the first place? The book "Throw Them All Out" has the right idea. Only if the people refuse to reelect any politician who doesn't follow through will we see any change in our deficit, our out-of-control spending, welfare reforms, or even repeals such as Obamacare.

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