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Monday, February 20, 2012

Scare Tactics and the Media

The media has always stirred up angst to attract an audience. I think their standard plan is backfiring these days, because the news is so depressing that who would want to follow it?! Besides the ultra-liberals, who eat all this up and spit on conservatism with every opportunity. Don't fall for their scare tactics steering people away from involvement and into despair, because in reality there is enough to scare any American just in raw numbers and events, unanalyzed- the kind of information that ought to scare Americans into political involvement.
Higher gasoline prices
Higher costs of living projected
Higher taxes projected
Impending EU collapse and downgrades
Skyrocketing spending and federal debt
Impending US downgrades and eventual collapse if we don't right our course
Corruption issues with our elected leaders, and politicians not fulfilling their promises
Delayed vacations and retirements
Housing bubble issues like foreclosures
Businesses being burdened with excessive government regulations
Rising Crime
Inpending insolvency of Social Security and Medicare
Media reports of how 'weak' the GOP field it - not that we should take their word for anything
An out of touch president who vacations and golfs constantly, in between campaining
Lower OPEC output and Iran's refusal to sell oil to some European countries
Iran's nuclear war talk
Worldwide health epidemics
Fewer hiring employees
Federal control over what kids can bring to school for lunch
Obama's extra-constitutional power grabs, mandating contraception coverage by insurance being the most recent
I'll stop there. You don't want to hear it any more than I do. The American dream is under attack from our own government. You don't need me to tell you.

We don't have to worry about these things or let them bother us, because we move forward with faith that things will work out somehow as we do what we can. We can count the little successes. We can celebrate a widely watched religious funeral (shown on leftist media sites!) for Whitney Houston. Likewise, that communities are banding together and helping each other out. We can hope that if we all become more politically involved, we'll choose leaders who know they have to follow through on their promises or get voted out of office. We can remember that it's not too late (yet) for America to change course. Also that Obamacare isn't (yet) fully implemented and could still be repealed. We can remember the never-ending optismism of Rush Limbaugh and those like him championing conservatism and explaining how most media are scared to death of Obama losing in 2012. And above all, we can remember it's not too late to teach fellow Americans that voting in the short term means the death of the country. Apparently it's already too late in Greece for them to learn that lesson....

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