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Thursday, February 2, 2012

On Gaffes

To hear media tell it, there has never been a more stupid candidate than Mitt Romney because he said he doesn't care about the poor. That's not actually what he said, nor do they provide the context, which is that the poor have an existing safety net of welfare programs. The media, and the public, should be reminded of who said there are 57 states? Or pronounced some military terms incorrectly? Or any other number of almost daily embarrassments? That's right, Barack Obama. But he gets talked up as the smartest man on earth instead, because he's a Democrat. They ignore as much as possible the bad job and economic numbers under Obama, while railing on Bush with much better numbers. The Republican presidents of the United States have never had the blessing of an approving media, because the media is deliberately biased to the left at all times. By the way, media, we all know by now that Obama's not that smart, because of his dismal economic policy. But that's besides the point.

As much as I look forward to the opportunity to see Obama removed from office, I look even more forward to the day that Newt Gingrich shuts up! He, naturally, is capitalizing on the out-of-context media quotes from Romney to show how superior he is himself, despite all the serious flaws in his own record. Good for you, Gingrich. You're showing yourself to be even more arrogant, bitter, bloated, and partisan than we had anticipated. Your chances at nomination fall precipitously with every distasteful, dismissive, abrasive word out of your mouth. Your chances raise, on the other hand, when you articulate conservativism (ie. we want to change welfare to help people achieve and lift themselves out of poverty) in a positive and unself-righteous yet confident way.

I still would love to see Santorum get a closer look nationally, because he is steady, consistent, and has a lot to offer the people of the United States in the way of conservatism. We should be listening to him. I don't expect he'll take the nomination, but part of the electoral process is that we get to learn from the candidates. Santorum is a good teacher. Nor is he prone to gaffes! Not that gaffes really matter, judging by our current president : ).

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