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Thursday, February 16, 2012

It's Not About Contraception

In the past week, I've seen tons of anaylsis and ideas about why the left is fighting this battle for contraception to be covered by insurance. In very few of these discussions, someone has noted that it's not really about contraception! It's about liberty, and about abuse of power. The president does NOT have the power to tell insurance companies what to cover. This is illegal in more ways than one. It's also about the freedom taken away from people and religious institutions by the government.
Ann Coulter dove right into this topic in her article released yesterday.
"Insurance is not supposed to be for normal expenses in the ordinary course of events, such as multivitamins, house painting or oil changes. Insurance is for unexpected catastrophes: fires, accidents, cancer.

"The basic idea is to spread the risk of unforeseen disasters. Filling up your gas tank, for example, is not an unforeseen disaster (though it's getting to be under Obama).

"So why is birth control covered by insurance? Birth control pills aren't that expensive -- generics are about $20 a month -- nor is the need for them a bolt out of the blue. Why not have health insurance cover manicures, back massages, carrot cake and nannies?"

Then skipping down the article a little:
"Following Betty Friedan, gender feminists believe the pill is so central to what we are as a nation that it must be paid for by all, i.e. by insurance. The argument for fully subsidized abortions will be: We don't vote on a basic human right!

"Whether or not it's a "right," it's not an area for "insurance." Abortion is an elective procedure. No families are going bankrupt because they had to pay for an abortion -- which costs about as much as a haircut for John Edwards or Bill Clinton. Can't we limit the health insurance we are all required by federal law to purchase to financially ruinous, actual medical problems?

"No, that is not in the cards. Just as liberals have turned the Constitution into a vehicle for achieving all the left-wing policies they could never get Americans to vote for, now they are going to use "insurance" for the same purpose. Their new method doesn't even require them to get votes from five justices on the Supreme Court.

"The secretary of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius, will do it all on her own."
Ugh, she's right. I don't like what liberals are doing with civil liberties, err that they're doing away with civil liberties!

To return to the question, why is the left making a big deal about contraception!? Rush reminded his listeners this week of Stephanopaulus's debate question a couple months ago to Mitt Romney about whether states had the power to ban contraception. It seemed unconnected, even irrelevant at the time. Romney's answer was that the question was silly because no state wants to ban contraception. Santorum was later asked the same question on the campaign trail and said something to the effect that sure, states have the power to ban contraception if they want to, but he doesn't know of any that do. The media took his statement and ran with it accusing him of wanting to ban contraception! It's really a ridiculous argument. The GOP is not against contraception. The left wants to make the GOP look like they are against contraception because then unsuspecting voters will say the GOP is crazy and vote Democrat. But the GOP is not against contraception. They are against the abuse of power, the idea that contraception must be covered by insurance, and against the encroachment of  individual liberties by the left.

PS. (Added later) Rush talked more about this today - specifically that the media reported Dem Congresswomen left a hearing on contraception because of the lack of women on the panel - but the panel was organized to talk about whether Obama had the power to mandate coverage to the insurance companies, not anything to do with contraception! Count on the Democrats to make a mountain out of nothing to suit their purposes.

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