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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Interference between Church and State

Has anyone else noticed that Obama shows no respect for Christian charitable institutions?  This whole idea that Obama can force a religious institution, a hospital for example, to provide services which are forbidden by the religion is appalling. Revolting, even! It's not like a person who didn't believe in that doctrine couldn't seek out those same services elsewhere at a non-religious institution. Why this absurd intent on destroying religious charities!? I really would like that one anwered. What does America benefit from destruction of religion, moral institutions, and charity?

A slighty different yet related topic: while I completely accept the premise that liberals love to champion that gay rights means nothing less than legalized gay marriage (I disagree, I think civil unions give them what they're looking for while protecting the moral sanctity of marriage), why do the courts continue to legislate behind the bench? Twice now the people of California have voted against legalizing gay marriage. And twice the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals overturned the vote reflecting the beliefs of the majority of the people in the state. Why even have a democracy if the will of the people isn't protected!?

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