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Friday, February 10, 2012

Global Warming

There may be global warming, but there may not. I'm a scientist by training, and am related to several more scientists, one of whom studied climatology. Here's the problem with the global warming models: they're models! They cannot and do not account for every single influence in global temperatures. So while there is much we know about the earth, you've got to understand that what we don't know is more to the point. The assumption that not only is global warming definite, but that it is also because of human activity is inherently false. Both of those are possibilities, but not certainties. The earth is a dynamic place, and weather patterns have been in constant change and flux since it was created. The arrogance of man, that he could claim to understand all about something which has existed billions of years longer than he has!

Back in the 60's, the big thing was global cooling. Later accepted as false. Today, there is plenty of evidence that the earth is NOT warming at all, but these are the studies which are widely ignored by the liberal press and liberal politicians. And most politicians as a whole, actually.  This idea of cap and trade as a solution is a joke! What does cap and trade do? Give government more money and people (businesses) less money, thus enhancing the economic problems already too apparent in this day and age. The government could bleed us dry with various taxation, but it doesn't solve their spending problems.  I would not be surprised if the government funds climate warming scientists precisely because they want an excuse to raise more money.

You want details about some of the reports the media missed? Al Gore's movie was fact checked and found to be chock-full of lies. I remember clear back in 2008 that the yearly worldwide average surface temperature had dropped an entire degree. Then the famous polar bear floating on ice image was proved to be from lifted from some previous publication, and that the 'drowning polar bears report' was debunked. The sea level hasn't raised as much as predicted. Polar caps haven't melted as much as predicted. The more recently released global map of carbon emissions shows that most guilty are third world countries with the Middle East leading that pack, NOT the US and Europe. Scientists - even climate scientists - have banded together and signed statements by the hundreds that accepting global warming as truth when it is unsubstantiated is not good science and should not be acted upon in the political world.  I've had a terrible time tracking down these articles published long enough ago and ignored enough that hardly anyone remembers they were published in the first place, but here's a link to one current article: Glaciers not melting in the Himalayas

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  1. Totally agree. Global warming is such a buzz word, yet most of the people talking about it, know nothing about the science!