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Monday, February 27, 2012


Correct me if I'm wrong. There are so many misleading articles out there about the Koran burning that I'm not sure I've got the story straight. According to Rush today, prisoners were allowed to have Korans. Eventually, these prisoners were caught passing messages written in their Korans. Messages the guards couldn't read because they weren't in English.  This led to the confiscation of the Korans, and then, when they were handed off to be disposed of, and they were burned as seems to be standard with any waste over there. The people who burned them probably didn't know there were Korans in the trash anyway, and it's not like there's an English title on them even if they did. Anyway, so then the hoopla follows, Obama apologizes (idiot), and Americans are shot in Afghanistan. This tells me that a) our media sides with terrorists; b) our president is scared of terrorists and 'apologizes' when the Koran was written in by Islamic prisoners in the first place (isn't that a sin too, not just burning?); c) then Americans in the military are shot because the media sides with terrorists who don't know that this wasn't deliberate, having heard the news media reports only, which are then repeated across all Islam as a despicable act.

My point is this: Our president is a weakling, just as Gingrich and others are saying. The world is becoming a more dangerous place - no thanks to our anti-American media - and we need a stronger leader. We really need a strong leader. Any of the GOP candidates would do except Ron Paul!

What desparately needs reporting:

A) The first despicable acts were the acts of war on Americans, bringing terrorists into our prison system, the same prisoners writing in the Korans to have them confiscated in the first place.
B) Burning a Koran by accident is not the same thing as deliberate and the news media did our country no favors by reporting it the way they did. Did it even need to be reported?  Don't wash dirty laundry in public. The system could have noted their mistakes themselves privately and put measures in place to not repeat them and move on. But no, the media is always championing the causes of the left such as America is evil, America is racist, America should be punished for its success.
C) Obama is a foreign policy idiot. Apologizing, instead of saying it was an accident, which isn't much better? Or anything else a more intelligent person might have said? Such as, if you really don't like America so much then why are we still here helping you by your request? Such as burning a Koran is not as heinous a crime as killing and murdering innocent men? That they were soldiers has nothing to do with it - those men did not burn the Korans. And now the terrorists are calling for the arrest and trial of the men who did burn the Korans, however innocently.

This is all ridiculous. And tragic.

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