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Saturday, February 4, 2012

1974 Congressional Budget Reform Act

Otherwise known as Baseline Budgeting. This absurd title is the name of the bill granting various departments of the federal government automatic 10% increases in annual budgets utterly disconnected from annual government revenue, projections of actual budgetary needs, or any other common sense idea regarding budgeting. This is the absurd idea behind the Democratic politicians crying 'Cuts!' any time someone proposes granting a lower increase in funding than the full 10% - even though it's really still an increase. This absurd idea is the reason our federal deficit is spiraling out of control - compounded by all the additional programs and spending authorized by the Obama administration, which compound in the annual budgetary increases
Thursday night, Rep. Louis Gohmert of Texas in The House of Representatives led the successful vote in the House to repeal this 1974 Budget Reform Act. It's not predicted to go anywhere in the Senate. It sure as sunrise isn't going to get attention from the big-government-loving media. Call your senators! Email your senators! Talk about this with friends and neighbors! The only hope we, as a people of the United States, have in reclaiming our government is by making sure the politicians know we will vote them out of office if they don't do what the people want them to do. No patriotic American wants to see our country digging its own grave.No patriotic American wants corrupt leadership unwilling to listen to the public, as happens all too often.

Rush Limbaugh interviewed Louis Gohmert for the Limbaugh Letter (his subscription publication) last month, featuring the effort to repeal Baseline Budgeting, but in light of the passage of the repeal in the House, he's posted online an article from one of last year's Limbaugh Letters. This baseline budget explanatory article will help you (and as many people as you can convince to read it) of the deep trouble we're in, and what we're up against in getting rid of "Baseline Budgeting." What we need is "Zero-Based Budgeting," starting each department at zero and having them prove what money they really need to operate and serve the American people. Then, and only then, will we see the federal deficit start to shrink in meaningful ways.

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