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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

This Blog is Always Open to Comments and Questions

And always has been, as far as I've been aware! So shoot. Give me what you've got, civility required. The point of this blog is to raise awareness and start conversations including different positions than those given by standard media, within a religious context and with a conservative religious voice.

I'll give you a starting point to think from:
  • Questions/comments about the LDS church?
  • Questions/comments about Obamacare?
  • Questions/comments about democracy?
  • Questions/comments about the debt issues? Like how our media don't report (I found out from Drudge, UK article referenced) that our federal debt now EQUALS our entire ECONOMY?!!! And Obama wants to ask for ANOTHER debt ceiling raise?!!! Come to think of it, you may not want to get me started here... : )
  • Questions/comments on Obama's failed leadership in every single thing he's done in office?
  • Questions/comments on social issues?
  • Questions/comments on different GOP candidates?
  • Questions/comments on the future of the United States?
  • The welfare state as it's presently constituted?
  • Something random? For my own privacy and that of my family, I will not divulge much if any personal information at any time.
If you're looking for a response to the Mitt Romney win in New Hampshire, I'll just say it's as it was anticipated. The only surprise for me was that Huntsman - who can't come off his talking points to save his life - got so much of the vote. A man who comes off egotistical, repetitive, vague, and pandering shouldn't go around accusing Romney of not having a 'core.'  But, at least he didn't jump on the liberal talking-points bandwagon that Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry have fallen for. Shame on them!

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