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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Show me the money!

This is an important issue to me. Did you know that this week the UK reported (not to be found in United States leftist media merely because we have a Democrat president - imagine if it had been Bush!) that the US debt is EQAUL to the entire ECONOMY!? This is the $15T and counting. And also this week Obama asked Congress for more money AGAIN!?  For specific numbers of both issues, go to this article on Redstate. You probably have noticed that the EU had multiple ratings lowered, and they need to address their fiscal problems promptly. I (along with other sensible people) would argue we need to do the same. Obama, in turn, has announced that he will seek the incorporation of the "Commerce Department, the Small Business Administration, the U.S. Trade Representative, the Export-Import Bank; the Overseas Private Investment Corporation, and the Trade and Development Agency. The consolidation would save some $3 billion and 1,000 to 2,000 jobs over ten years, the White House said." (quoting National Journal.)  I have no problem with the consolidation or cutting of excessive government - though the $3 billion over 10 years is laughable, our total debt will be closing in on $100T by then at this rate - but as Rush Limbaugh pointed out, he's getting rid of the pro-business, even pro-American parts of government. He's willing to shrink our national security (DOD) and the Department of Commerce (DOC). He said something about insourcing jobs and the DOC retorted that if he would have allowed the Keystone Pipeline, we would have ample opportunities for insourcing! Yet he continues to spend and spend and spend on entitlements and not on anything which would produce real growth, and moves relentlessly towards the socialization of our entire country, including stirring up this class warfare which is anything but hopeful, unified, or indicative of positive change. He won't be running on hope and change again.

Let's consider, for example, the policy in place for energy. Obama will not lift the oil-drilling moratorium. He will not open the Keystone pipeline. He will not, in fact, allow the price of oil to come down with his policies. Ever since the 'BP well disaster,' he's kept the price high deliberately. The price would have come down on its own, rather rapidly if he had allowed for a) drilling to resume, and b) our own oil to stay in our own country. He's exporting oil for the first time in American history! This report was made a few weeks ago by CNNMoney, as you may recall.  Why would he do this? Why would he want prices to stay high, continuing the high cost of living and high costs for doing business in this country?

The people supporting him argue that it's for the environment. May I remind you all that this is an incredible answer? We are instead buying oil from countries with far less stringest standards than we do (we have the most environmentally protective laws of any country), and they're countries which are hostile to ours, with multiple human rights violations towards their own people to boot! We'd be a lot stronger internationally if we broke our unnecessary dependence on foreign oil.  We have oodles of known resources in this country, still others unknown. I think Rick Perry said 300 years' worth of oil that we know of?

No, it's not for the sake of the environment that Obama keeps oil prices high. It must, therefore, be something else. He must want prices to remain high for a reason, he must want our costs of living and doing business to stay high for a reason. Yes, federal taxes are based on percentage of sale and so he brings in a lot more revenue for the government that way, but there must be more to it than that. I have my suspicions that he wants us to be hurting financially to the degree that businesses continue to not hire and even go bankrupt, and we turn to government for the solutions, for more handouts. Help with healthcare, help with heating bills, help with housing costs, help with food stamps, etc. With more people dependent on the government he has a) more people willing to vote for him than would otherwise, and b) a 'natural' move towards socialism.

Socialism, where no one thrives and we are all poor together. I know plenty of people who have spent years in communist or socialist countries and the 'equality' that is so often touted, is of poverty. Meager food rations, dismal health care, too few jobs, sub-American-standard lifestyles. Why would we want to do this to ourselves? Obama must be voted out of office. No more of this Dear Leader stuff he does behind the backs of the American people, taking powers which don't belong to the executive branch, and using them for the entrapment of the citizens of this country into economic hardship.

Capitalism, on the other hand, produces wealth and creates incentives for work and more economic growth. Economic growth from which we all benefit, richer and poorer alike! It's capitalism that has given even the poor in our country good access to the likes of air conditioning, microwaves, cell phones, and television. We didn't see cost of living problems like this under Bush. We saw the post-hurricane Katrina prices drop right back down. We didn't see employment problems like this under Bush. Yes, the housing bubble burst but he wasn't really to blame for that as much as Fannie and Freddie, given so much power under Clinton. I grant you Bush was growing government, but not at the rate that Obama has. It is time to cut back and make our government live within its means. It is time to vote for someone in favor of cutting back and reigning in government spending so that this is a possibility. To give a bright future filled with hope and positive change back to our children.

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  1. Well, didn't you know that more jobs are created by jobless benefits than the Keystone Pipeline? That insipid comment insults one's intelligence....