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Friday, January 20, 2012

Romney calls for Gingrich's ethics violation report

In what is obviously a clear case of the pot calling the kettle black, Newt Gingrich is playing populist and saying Mitt Romney needs to publicize his taxes so that the GOP can decide if there is anything amiss in them. To which Mitt responded that all of his charitable expenditures are already public knowledge, as are his investments, that he pays all his taxes, and that his taxes will be ready in due time. He'll release them, along with an undetermined number of previous years, all at once so that leftist media won't make a big deal about them over and over again as they would if he released them separately.  That makes sense to me. No one in SC or anywhere else is crying out for his tax returns.

To get back at Gingrich, and only fairly, Romney has called for Gingrich to release the ethics violations report which we know the Democrats have and are planning to use eventually should he become the nominee. That is far more to the point than tax returns for someone who doesn't practice tax evasion like so many millionaires on the left who get a pass on the subject!

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