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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Politics aside

I think we can all agree that there are plenty of good, kind, compassionate citizens of the United States under both party affiliations. What concerns me is that people of a certain party affiliation may not really understand what they stand for or what their parties stand for. Both sides tend to build themselves up, lie to constituents, and paint the other side as bad. Liberals more so than conservatives, for the smearing, since they control most media. What is a responsible citizen to do to find the truth?

Again, I reiterate on this blog that is essential to read both sides to know what's going on, because both sides leave stuff out! Neither side will tell you about the corruption within the system on their own sides.  That book, "Throw them all out," points out every single congressman guilty of corruption and about 70% of them are on the left. The left will never tell you in a million years (except maybe as a footnote) that the spending rate under Obama is at a rate unprecendented in the entire history of the country. Seriously. $5T and counting in 3 years? Not ringing a bell? Consider your sources. The left will also never tell you that cutting taxes increases government revenue. Every time- look it up! They will never tell you that because they don't want you to believe it, they want to increase the size and scope of government and their own power. Some of the GOP (the establishment types) believe this too. But they are wrong. Milton Freidman taught clearly on the subject: government can grow so big that it becomes too great a financial burden to sustain. Hello, the EU? And we're following them down the path of socialism because why? Obama has taken over much of the student loan industry, parts of the auto industry, more power over Wall Street (he has more campaign cash from Wall Street than all GOP candidates combined, good luck finding that on the left), he's on target to destroy the world of private medical practice, and at horrendous cost to the people. The 10 year 'balance sheet' does not really show the costs of Obamacare, because for most of the 10 years from when the bill passed, the law is not fully implemented. After that 10 years it will become a huge burden financially. This is why it is essential we repeal it, which is only going to happen- provided the Supreme Court doesn't overturn it- if we elect Obama's opponent. I don't even care who wins. All of them would be better leaders of this country than he is.

But again, back to the 'responsible citizen' idea, now is the perfect time to really know what is going on in our country, by reading as much as you can about each issue, from both vantage points. You can find a nice list of conservative sites here on this blog. Most other media is of a liberal bias, whether explicit or implicit. Happy reading!

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