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Thursday, January 26, 2012


He might be a better liar than Obama! He always claims he helped Reagan do all sorts of conservative things, but National Review came out with this, written by Elliott Abrams.I quote an introductory paragraph and the concluding paragraph. Or, you can read it all at the link provided above.

"The claims are misleading at best. As a new member of Congress in the Reagan years — and I was an assistant secretary of state — Mr. Gingrich voted with the president regularly, but equally often spewed insulting rhetoric at Reagan, his top aides, and his policies to defeat Communism. Gingrich was voluble and certain in predicting that Reagan’s policies would fail, and in all of this he was dead wrong."

"Presidents should not get automatic support, not even from members of their own party, but they have a right to that support when they are under a vicious partisan assault. Today it is fair to look back and ask who had it right: Gingrich, who backed away from and criticized Republican presidents, or those chief executives, who were making difficult and consequential decisions on national security. Bush on the surge and Reagan on the Soviet empire were tough, courageous — and right. Newt Gingrich in retrospect seems less the visionary than the politician who refused the party’s leader loyal support on grounds that history has proved were simply wrong."

Ha! I'm sure glad this is coming out now to put Newt's chances in check. Drudge Report has some other anti-Reagan moments in Newt's past up today as well. Ann Coulter rips on him too. To quote:

"Newtons claim Romney is a "moderate," and Gingrich the true conservative -- a feat that can be accomplished only by refusing to believe anything Romney says ... and also refusing to believe anything Gingrich says."

I, for one, am eager to see what lies Newt will come up with to defend himself in tonight's debate!

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