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Friday, January 6, 2012

Kicking the Debt Can Down the Road Again

Obama is expected to ask Congress for ANOTHER $1.2 Trillion when they come back from break.

Obama, is a debt increase of over $5T in your first three years really insufficient? Bush was a big spender but he barely spent that much over all 8 years of his presidency! Are your wasteful spending policies really stimulating our economy in any way? I realize they are stimulating your buddies' economies: unions, political donors, and Wall Street. But normal Americans? We're still losing jobs, tightening our belts, and suffering from continual cost of living increases. The rate of debt accumulation is at an unprecendented level for the entire history of this country.

I believe your and your wife's lavish vacation styles epitomize how you feel about foisting debt upon the American people in general. We're sick of it! You're turning us into the EU! We don't want to be socialist when the private market can deliver goods and services at better prices with higher quality. Despite all the lies to the contrary, capitalism is an engine of good, blessing all the people in the entire country! It brings opportunity! It brings growth! It brings wealth! None of those things are happening under your administration.

Marco Rubio has is right in his letter to you (found here at  I quote:
"As I wrote in The Wall Street Journal in March 2011, I will oppose a debt ceiling increase unless such an authorization is accompanied by a real plan to tackle our debt. Ideally, such a plan would feature both pro-growth elements and spending restraints, including fundamental tax reform, regulatory reform, meaningful cuts to discretionary spending, a balanced-budget amendment, and reforms to save Social Security and Medicare.
"If we had done this is mid-2011 when we last debated the debt ceiling, we could have set America on a path to economic growth and prosperity. This would have led to more jobs and, in turn, to more duly emplyed taxpayers generating more growth-driven revenue to help us pay down our debt. Instead, you failed to lead, punted the touch decisions and, in doing so, our credit rating was gowngraded for the first time in our history. It's a tragic reality but, on your watch, more and more people have come to believe that America is becoming a deadbeat nation inevitably heading toward a European-style debt crisis."

The whole article is instructive and worth our time. This is another of the many issues that everyday Americans need to come to grips with, and make decisions accordingly.

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