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Monday, January 23, 2012


Don't think I didn't want to talk about this last week when Obama rejected Keystone. I did. But there were other things to talk about first.

Obama is showing his true colors. He doesn't care about jobs - not even union jobs as these Keystone jobs would have been. He doesn't care about energy independence. He doesn't care about lowering the costs of living and doing business all across America. I stand by what I said before: either he naively thinks that buying oil from hostile, distant foreign countries with lower environmental standards than we do is saving the environment, or he wants us to be struggling as a country economically, so that we turn to government for help, increase our dependency on government programs, and vote Democrat in the general election so he can make the 'natural' transition to socialism.  As long as Americans are taught to see through his failed policies (ie look at results instead of 'good intentions') then I don't see how he could possibly get reelected.

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