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Monday, January 16, 2012

Huntsman Bows Out and Hypocrisy

As you have likely heard or seen, Huntsman left! I'm a little surprised he left this early, because it shows a quality I'd not seen in him previously: humility. Endorsing Romney rather than announcing a dooming third party bid eased my worst fears about him. It remains for Ron Paul to do the same (not run third party) before I'll assured that the entire GOP is ready to really tackle Obama.

On an entirely different note: I've been mulling over in my mind the profound difference between the way the two political parties are treated. Democrats and liberals feel entitled to laugh and mock mercilessly at the GOP. The media does their bidding in both print and television. They completely dominate the tone in Washington and nation-wide. They are single-handedly responsible for the baseless hatred generated towards the likes of Bush, Palin, Herman Cain, the Tea Party, and Clarence Thomas. They must be scared of them. Whenever Democrats are laughed at or mocked in turn -usually through non-traditional media like internet sites and/or radio programs - liberals and Democrats whine that it isn't fair or isn't nice. What, the "Fairness Doctrine" doesn't work for them? If they don't like it, they can certainly consider changing their tone in attacks on conservatives! Otherwise, they'd better get used to defending themselves, as the GOP has.

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  1. Yes, they (democrats) definitely remind me of 1 Nephi 8:27.