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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Can't See the Forest For the Trees

Or, can't see the war on Obama for the infighting GOP. Something tells me that Obama is in far hotter water than he'd like or the Dems would like. Polls show mediocre approval at best, and mediocre indicator numbers at best, but beyond that the Dems along with their buddies in the media are trying HARD to distract the public from Obama's deficiencies as president. Like stirring up any hint of agitation within the GOP nomination process. Something also tells me that it isn't going to work!

The opposite happens with Republican presidents. They wage war on all the president's deficiencies, ignoring all that is right with the country. They talk up the Democrat primaries as if they're the best thing since sliced bread. The media bias has become blatant to the point that the public is even more tired of them than they are of corrupt politicians! Look at the way the audience booed Democrat moderators in these debates whenever they brought up dumb questions! Look at the way the audience cheered whenever the GOP candidate called out the moderators for the dumb questions!  I am quite hopeful that all the positive media coverage in the world isn't going to save Obama. No matter who ends up taking the candidacy.

(Adding this in later on the day)
Rush Limbaugh's been on the same train of thought, apparently. Check it out - it's funny!

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