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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Ann Coulter

She always makes me laugh out loud.  Her satire is far-fetched enough to cause me to double up if not roll on the floor! JK, but she's funny. She blends fact with fiction in an uproarious way. Take this from this week's article: I'll preface by introducing the topic: Bain's involvement with Ampad, the paper plant that closed in Indiana. And Romney wasn't even at Bain at the time! Then she talks about the Ampad guy, Johnson, who rails against Romney.

"It is beyond journalistic malpractice for media outlets showcasing the bitter and lying Johnson to neglect to mention that he was the union president who led the strike that forced Ampad to close the plant.

"And yet The New York Times, MSNBC and others who have publicized Johnson's sob story regularly refuse to convey that crucial fact. This would be as if a judge excluded the fact that the defense's principal witness is the defendant's mother."

Ha ha ha! Ahem.

"As long as the nation is still in the fifth stage of grief over Steve Jobs' death, with gushing tributes to his contributions to our wonderful new world of computerized books, letters, memos, newspapers, CDs and classified ads, ask yourselves: Would the mid-1990s have been a good time for workers in an industry made vulnerable by the new, paperless information age to stage a long, acrimonious strike?

"Union president Randy Johnson thought it was. The Democrats (and some Republicans) apparently do, too."

Skipping down the article closer to the end:

"Politicians' morbid fear of technological advances in the free market has real-world consequences. You will recall that the mainstream media-adored FBI agent Colleen Rowley's main indictment of the bureau after 9/11 was that the FBI had really old computers, preventing it from anticipating the greatest terrorist attack in world history.

"In response to Rowley's charges, for example, the Times' Maureen Dowd denounced federal law enforcement agencies for being "antiquated," "inept" and "bloated." (She also said: "I want to see some agents lose their jobs." Maureen Dowd: Inadvertent Romney Supporter.)

"Of course, if the Democrats, Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry were running things, the FBI would still be using paper and pens -- maybe quill pens -- all in order to save Randy Johnson's union job! Instead of a Xerox machine, they'd have a monk in the back room creating copies of documents by hand so as not to be accused of "vulture capitalism" for eliminating the monk's job."

Aren't you laughing? If you're not, I question your capitalism, and your sense of humor! The end is good too. You should read it. And try to laugh. Laughing does a body good! 

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  1. If Romney wins, I nominate Ann for WH press secretary. I would wake up happy every day, just looking forward to her speaking to the press.