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Friday, December 2, 2011

The stark reality

It has hit me, slowly over time yet more rapidly of late, that our politicians on both sides don't care one bit about listening to constituents. They are interested in power, money, and fame. This goes for both sides, and I, for one, am sick and tired of corruption in our government! I know the Tea Party is with me. OWS is with me except they look at government as the solution instead of the problem it really is. Politicians keep tax breaks to big companies that don't need them because of campaign donations - this is crony-capitalism. On both sides. Bailouts are really another form of crony-capitalism because these are the same large donating companies getting bailed out. Obama doesn't seem at all embarrassed to have been running one continual campaign gathering money from unions and giving federal money to union-run companies instead of running the country. Meanwhile, politicians have so kept United States citizens in the dark that we have spending at an unprecedented, unsustainable rate. And we'll have to pay for it. I can't even begin to impress upon you how critical this election is. Please do your research, read both sides because they both leave stuff out, and look for politicians who recognize this time and situation as a crisis.

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