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Wednesday, December 28, 2011


These are exciting times! Santorum is climbing in the Iowa polls upon Gingrich's decline, Romney has a good chance against Ron Paul, and there are rumors that Obama would replace Biden with Hillary Clinton! I don't know if that will come to pass, but the very mention of the possibility screams loud for all to hear that Obama is desparate and knows he doesn't have much of a chance at re-election.

As I've said before, we MUST get rid of Obamacare. It is bad new for the entire country.  Even before the full implementation of Obamacare, doctors are retiring and fleeing in droves. Bad for patients. Some smaller hospitals are closing. Bad for patients. Employers can't afford the more expensive insurance required under Obamacare and aren't expanding if not shrinking in , bad for jobs and patients. Insurance companies are raising premiums because of Obamacare's expensive requirements: bad for patients. Bad for jobs if those companies fold. Even the public option isn't attractive: I've been on public and private and there is NO comparison in quality of care. Bad for patients. And of course, the costs will be astronomically higher than projected like every other government program, which taxpayers get to cover. And this doesn't even touch upon the radical Medicare reimbursement changes due Jan 1 2012.
The current law says that come Jan 1, 2012, Medicare will no longer reimburse individuals involved in care, but give out a certain amount based solely upon diagnosis. This amount of money would not change based upon severity of the disease, length of stay, extra testing, etc. That means all doctors (and the hospital) will have to divide up the money in some way hopefully reflective of care given, and the result is projected to halve doctors' pay to a little over $100k. This might not be a big deal were medical education so long and expensive and malpractice so high. But Obamacare lacks any tort reform, so medical costs will continue to be high so that doctors can assure lawyers in court that they did everything possible to care for their patients, including unneccessary expensive tests and labs. Not that I blame them for not wanting to get their butts sued off. I blame Obamacare for leaving out changes to the biggest cost driver in medicine, but what do you expect from a bunch of lawyers?

I am delighted that Ann Coulter featured this topic (getting rid of Obamacare) in her column this week. She specifically is supporting Romney as sufficiently against the entire bill as to get rid of it, and further to beat illegal immigration. To quote:

"In order to allow Democrats to indignantly denounce Republicans who said Obamacare would add to the deficit, the bill was structured so that no goodies get paid out immediately. That way, when the Congressional Budget Office was asked to determine if Obamacare was "revenue neutral" over its first 10 years, government accountants were looking at a bill that collected taxes for 10 years, but only distributed treats in the later years.

"Starting at year 11, those accountants will be in for a big surprise when the government starts paying out Obamacare benefits without interruption.

"Because of this accounting fraud, Obamacare can still be repealed. But as soon as all Americans have been thrown off their employer-provided insurance plans and are forced to start depending on the government for health care, Republicans will never be able to repeal it."

She continues. It's a good read and I recommend it. We, as voters, need to be aware of the importance of every issue at stake as we head into the primaries.

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