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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Welcome and the latest GOP debate

Welcome to one and all, and good evening. Just kidding.

To start out, I'll summarize my thoughts on the Republican debate in Michigan last night, that ought to give you a feel for who I am, as a conservative.

Starting from the left and moving right across the debate stage:

  1. Rick Santorum: Impressed more than I've been. I'm not sure why I don't like him more. I've not given him much thought prior but he shows prescience and conservativism, good things.

  2. Michele Bachmann: Relieved and Impressed. No cattiness last night, no nit-picking fellow candidates. Just conservatism, fairly well ariticulated.

  3. Newt Gingrich: Typical. I like the guy, I like that he goads the 'moderators,' but he sure has a lot of baggage. Still, he always takes it home to Obama and he has vast experience in both public and private sectors.

  4. Mitt Romney: Same old. In 2008 he was the most conservative candidate and I supported him whole-heartedly, not least because I thought for the first time we might get a Mormon in high public office. I'm still not convinced that he would have lost to Obama if he had been the candidate instead of that sneaky McCain. Be that as it may, he's showing steadiness this time around. But he's no longer the most conservative! So, while I like him and would support him wholeheartedly if he takes the nomination, I would love to see a more conservative candidate take it.

  5. Herman Cain: He rocks! I have serious doubts that he could force 9-9-9 through Congress, purse-powerful as they are, but I like his ideas, I like his straightforward political-incorrectness, his humor, and his optimism. I like his refusal to be cowed by the 'lynching' as it's been called. And by the way, I don't believe he has done anything inappropriate - think of Clinton, Weiner, Wu, and Edwards for crying out loud. Once again, the leftist mainstream media exhibits their bias. If they weren't biased, Clinton would have been impeached for rape, if not jailed. Instead, he's still a hero of the left: a mere lone example of the power of the media in forming opinions of the under-educated and gullible. Ann Coulter has a terrific article out this week about the subject of allegations against Herman Cain, she always checks her facts before she publishes, too, which is more than you can say for a lot of leftist media articles.

  6. Rick Perry: Not my favorite. I felt sorry for him last night, who hasn't had a brain freeze at a critical moment? Most of the time I dislike him for being bigoted against Mormons, even though he won't admit it directly. I do think he's a fantastic governor though, and would make a fine president. Staying out of future debates is a good move; his speaking skills lack so this will probably help people see his strengths.

  7. Ron Paul: I wish he weren't libertarian. If he weren't, he'd be a fantastic candidate. But as it is, his untried theories regarding foreign policy make me very, very nervous. America would be more vulnerable with him as president.

  8. Jon Huntsman: He's so moderate he thinks he blends in with the rest of the crowd onstage! Which is to say, that by trying to please everyone, he pleases no one, or no one who has his head screwed on straight. It makes me think he may be equally wishy-washy about his Mormon religion, not that I know him or of him well enough to make that call.

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