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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Ron Paul

Ron Paul scares me. Watching the debate last night scared me more. Good debate, but the idea that someone (Ron Paul) who thinks so ill of foreign policy as to suggest we, the United States of America, the champion of democracy the world over, should stick to ourselves and 'mind our own business,' makes me quake in my boots. What of our allies? What of our foes? Does he want countries with more evil inclinations to fill the power vacuum? Would he let Iran build a nuclear weapon? It sure seems like it. Doesn't he know they would use one against us right after nuking Israel? Apparently not!

Yet another idea puts genuine trembling fear into my soul: Ron Paul not ruling out running as a third party candidate. He's got to know that by splitting the vote, he gives Obama reelection, which is about the same thing as handing Iran a nuclear weapon to use, and sealing the doom of our country's economy forever (owned by China at that point) with Obamacare. Not to mention our quick road to socialism under Obama and the general resultant dearth of prosperity. Could he care so little about the fate of an entire nation? OUR entire nation?

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